Knowing that you’ll have a day in flat terrain is a good feeling. I’ve got a crazy thought about cycling to Bratislava today, but it might be to far…Time will tell!

IMG_3333The breakfast is almost finished when I arrive, just as normal! I’m staying up to late in the evenings. This makes me sleep longer, which then again is the reason that I start later in the day and the result of this is a late evening again.

I’m on the road. I haven’t found any shops so far, but I was able to fill up a bottle of water at the pension. I pick up a good speed and my legs feel strong.

I can see the family that sat next to me at the dinner table yesterday evening. I didn’t know they were cycling. I stopped and talked with them for a while. They’re two familys out on a cycling trip. Cycling a route which takes them around the 3 lakes in this region. They cycle between 40-50 Km a day and had a maximum distance just above 70Km.

20140823_165955One of the guys were cycling on an home made bicycle. It looked really nice. He said he had two and that this was made for touring and the other one for speed. He told me that he had cycled with his home made bike from the area around Lake of Constance in Austria and all the way to Rome without sleeping. This is about 950Km and he spent over 50 hours…. Impressive!

I’m cycling further and stops at a restaurant just before the boarder to Austria. I don’t have anymore czech money and since it’s my last kilometers in Czech, I don’t bother to get a hold of any.

Cycling to Bratislava today is not an option anymore. I started to late, I take too much breaks and are relaxing a bit too much. I don’t care, I’m on holiday, if I want to relax, I relax! 🙂

IMG_3334There is an old couple standing with their two bicycles on the side of the road. It looks like they might need help. I turn around and cycled back. They told me that they was just able to fix the flat tire, but thanked me for turning around and asking.

I hold a good speed while cycling today, but I’m just lazy. I stop here and there, basically just making excuses to have a small break. I stop at a small town and cycle around for a bit. I need to find some food and drinks to have available in my bag. It’s Saturday and everything seems to be closed, everything except a small bakery. I bought some red bull, chocolate and some water.

It’s getting later and later in the afternoon. I’ve arrived the next small place and I just have to love it. I found another excuse to stop. I sit down and watch the local football match.

IMG_3336The spectators have got their full attention on the beer that they are drinking, a little bit on the game and they share a few words with me.

Should I think about continuing? Might be about time. I’m cycling further. I cycle the only hill in this region and continue towards the Slovakian boarder. I’m not 100% sure about where to stay tonight. I have thought about staying on the Austrian side of the boarder, since I know that there are places to sleep there.

The road takes my through some amazing wine yards. I wonder if I have ever tasted one of the wines they make here? There are fields as long as the eye can see.

I can hear thunder and I can see the lightning in the horizont while I’m cycling straight against it. I can feel a few rain drops, but not much.

IMG_3340In the Norwegian mountains we are prepared that the weather can change within seconds. Suddenly it happened here. It’s pouring down. The rain drops are as big as marbles and it’s hitting me hard. I quickly put on my rain jacket and sun glasses, yes the sun glasses are important to protect my eyes.

Amazing! It’s like the sky is full of fireworks. I’m cycling in the extremely heavy rain, which makes the roads into rivers. At the same time you can hear the thunder and see the lightning hitting the ground several places around you. Id this wasn’t enough, the wind is getting stronger and stronger. The wind is hitting me hard in the side and are making the rain much harder and more painful. 2-3 times, the wind blew me off the road. I’m consentrating and using a lot of power to stay on the road. I’ve put my rear light on, I want to be as visible as possible for the cars. I’m leaning towards the wind, I have to. 20140823_141536Suddenly a caravan is passing me, he stops the wind and I almost fell, but then the wind lifted me up again.

I arrive at a small place called Grosskrut. I stop at the first place with a sign on the outside. I open the door and asks for a room. They tell me that there’s a place 500 meters down the streets. I cycle down there and finally I’m able to get inside. I’m soaking wet and it’s still pouring down outside. The people in the restaurant was looking with big eyes and a small smile when I came in there and asked: «Haben sie ein zimmer für mich?»

Later in the evening I’m enjoying a good glass of some local wine, yes it’s actually one of the places I’ve cycled through….LOVE IT! I’m skyping with Lillian and my family and are relaxing.

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