I felt great when I woke up this morning. Todays plan is to cycle to Znojmo in Czech Republic. This will take me about 125Km. There’s one good reason to stay in Czech instead of Austria….PRICE!

IMG_3323Just a small thing can be reason enough for me to have a bad night. Yesterday I wasn’t able to upload my strava details, it was corrupted. I knew that this would keep me awake, so I basically stayed awake and tried my best to get something uploaded, and so I did.

The breakfast at this hotel was really cheap. I don’t like when they don’t provide a buffet, but only gives you 2 slices of bread and something to have on. This doesn’t give me more energy than I need to get out of the door.

I’m on the bicycle and cycle the few hundreds meter from Czech Republic and over the boarder to Austria. I will spend most of my time here today, and at the end I will cycle into Czech again to sleep.

As far as I know, the roads should be good all day, or at least paved. I’m stopping at a small shop to fill up my bag with water, bananas, chocolate and a few red bulls.

20140822_163320Cycling along the boarder it interesting in many ways, but when you are alone, you are really alone. There’s not much tourists and not to many big places with locals. From time to time you meet some cyclists, but not often.

There’s a lof of farms in this area. Some of them have wheat and others have onions. Yes it’s true, I actually saw large fields of onions today and it really smelled like it as well. I’ve always told my self that I should stop and take a picture when I see something interesting, since I will regret it if I don’t…. I regret it!!!!!

I had a really good start, I felt that I had a lot of energy and strong legs. After my first meal it changed. I’m feeling that everything is going slowly. Too many hills, tired legs and no energy in my body. It might be IMG_3326that I’m fooling myself a bit since I’ve had a strong headwind all day and there are many hills. I actually hold an average speed above 20Km/t, which is quite good. I’m even passing other cyclists which are not carrying any luggage…Maybe I actually have a good day, I’m just not aware of it?

The road is going steep down to Vranov nad Dyjí. You can see the big castle in the mountain side, beautiful! 

I stop in the center. I see a guy with a bob trailer, just as I have. I stop and talk with them and they invite me to sit down. It’s about 25Km left to Znojmo. I sit down and buy a coca cola.

They are out cycling for about 2 weeks. This is their first long trip and they have already sent home 20Kg of luggage that they didn’t need.

IMG_3329I said goodbye and continued up the hill. It’s steep and long. I’m passing two cyclists in the hill and continue towards the top. The road further is going up and down, but the quality of the road is good, so it’s easy to keep an ok speed, even with a headwind.

Finally I’m in Znojmo. I cycle through the city and 3 km further I found my pension. I check in and are waiting for my food as we speak.

I’m ready for an relaxing evening and hopefully I will have a good day tomorrow.

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