Ready for a new day on the bike? Time will tell! I have really used my legs in the mountains the last days. Anyway, the breakfast here in Lipno should give me the best start possible….WHAT A BREAKFAST!

IMG_3315It’s about time to start cycling. I’ve got quite a few kilometers today as well. I’m planning to cycle 90Km and to stop just before the Austrian boarder.

The road from the pension is horrible, it’s through the woods, but this might be the price you have to pay to get a house as close to the woods and a little bit up in the heights here in Czech?

It’s obvious that rafting is popular in the rivers here. I’ve seen people rafting in all the rivers I’ve been cycling along. I can’t stop and try, don’t want to take the risk of getting wet and even colder when I have many kilometers left.

I stop in Dolni Dvoriste which is about 30 Km from where I started. It’s about IMG_3319time to get something to eat. I’m cycling really slow today, too slow.

They served me a hamburger here at the restaurant….FINALLY a real hamburger and not a snitzel, awww….I’m in heaven.

There are an italian couple sitting at the next table. It’s funny to keep an eye at this couple which seems to be in love and on holiday…Because he really needs to tell people this in english. He tells the waitress «We’re on holiday»  with the italian energy filled way of saying it, of course using his arms and hitting the table at the same time. «WE’RE ON HOLIDAY» he yells out in the air. I love that people are different, and that we have IMG_3320different cultures and ways of behaving, It would be a boring world if not. Have a good holiday! 🙂

It’s been up and down all day so far. It’s been paved road, but of horrible quality. You feel that the sharp edges is cutting through the tires. Better than mud and wooden sticks anyway!

My legs are tired. They are tired of the climbs. Above 2000 meters of climbs 3-4 days in a row is too much when you carry this much luggage. It’s not a problem to continue, it’s just that I’m not able to get the flow and the speed that I want. It might be because it’s going up and down, and because 20140821_212611of the road quality of course, but you know the feeling when things aren’t going as you want it to!

I’m cycling into České Velenice. This is the place I will stay for the night. First thing that hits my face is the 6 massage studios. Second thought is that this might be a place I don’t want to leave my bicycle too long. Sometimes you just get a feeling.

Checked in! I’ve locked my bicycle into an available room they had. I order a massage. Just because I deserve it.

It’s time for food after the nice massage. I’m walking over the streets to a vietnamese restaurant. And what a meal, and what a taste! Amazing!

You’ll see my plan for tomorrow on the next blog post.

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