What to do on a restitution day…Let’s make a video for you guys!

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I have to be honest and say that there’s not much to do here in the woods. I’ve been thinking all day, what can I do, what can I post today which will not make you bored. Let’s make a small video to you guys.

I guess we can get started right away, it’s not gonna be the text today which is interesting anyway. Here’s what you get from me on a day with restitution.

Restitution the Norwegian way:

Dag 10 – Restitusjonsbad i Hossa from Stian Torland on Vimeo.

Restitution in the English speaking way…
I honestly almost forgot to speak English, so I did one more bath, just for you! I hope that I’m forgiven! The problem was that I was already finished in the Sauna….In other words, I needed a warm shower after the second bath.

Skrevet av Stian Torland

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