I’m excited to see what experiences that will come from this day. I’m ready to cycle again, but will be a bit kind with myself today and have set a goal around 75Km from Koszeg.

20140826_111424It’s early morning. I haven’t slept well at all. The bed was harder than the hardest bed you could imagine you’d even find in Thailand, it’s like concrete.

My phone is ringing. It’s Lillian, she want to say happy birthday and to sing a song! She wishes me good luck with todays ride.

I’m ready to start cycling again. The weather is ok, it’s been raining this night, but not anymore. The road today will start and end with some hills.

The kilometers are going fast at the beginning. After about 35Km I’m cycling into Austria and 4Km later into Hungary again. You won’t believe it, but 3Km further I’m in Austria again, 3 Km later in Hungary and 4Km later in Austria again….Is it weird that I’m losing control? What’s up with this? 🙂

20140826_150051I catch up with a cyclist. He doesn’t speak a word english, but we’re able to communicate with my minimal deutsch and the rest I just pretend to understand. I believe he’s a friendly guy, but it’s difficult to answer that 100% at this stage.

We say goodbye, since we’re cycling different routes. But suddenly we’re cycling next to each other again. We were only taking different climbs up the hill. He invites me up to the vineyard next to us. He tells me it is his friend that owns the place and that I should come. I can’t say no to an invitation like this.

There’s a lof of people dancing outside the vineyard. They are dancing to live music played by the owner. Everyone is smiling and laughing, and so am I.

IMG_3421We get a glass of wine, half and half with water… «Gut für Radfahrer» he says! Of course I believe him..It’s my birthday, I believe anything that seems to be fun today. They even serve us some good food while we are sitting there.

He’s talking a lot and he doesn’t slow down his tempo. I’m only able to pick up some words and then basically replies the same word back to him while nodding or shaking my head. I’ve heard this is a good technique to show that you understand! I don’t understand more than 1/4 of what he’s saying, and I don’t know how to tell him this. Anyway, I know he’s talking about cycling and that he’s a friendly guy, so everything is good!

The owner found out that it was my birthday and dedicated a song and a dance to me, how nice! One of the ladies came over and asked me to dance. First of all, I can’t dance, second….My carbon shoes are falling a part and I don’t think this would help. Third, they are so slippery that I would probably fall and hurt myself and others. And yes, I’m only making up excuses!

IMG_3425It’s time to leave. I have 25Km left to Szentgotthard, which is the place I’ll stay tonight.

Going straight into a climb when you’ve enjoyed a glass of wine and relaxed for an hour is not easy. My legs are in pain, but this will go over in about 1 Km.

There are quite a few climbs now. I’m just cycling slowly and focusing on getting up the hill. I know that it will be downhill for the last kilometers.

Finally reached my destination. My ghost hotel, yes it feels like that. I’m sitting in the restaurant alone. It’s a huge room, all empty. Sometimes I’m lucky and can see the waitress coming. She’s like a stone face, not smiling, not saying anything, just nodding or shaking her head.

I’m back at my room. It’s time for skype and sleep.

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