You’re not guaranteed to have a good day after a couple of 150Km stages. I’m wondering how this day will be. I’m ready to cycle and have told myself that the goal today is Secanj in Serbia. Time will tell if I’m able to reach it or not.

20140831_122624I’m laying in bed for a long time today. I even went back to bed after breakfast. My legs deserve it! The only problem by doing this is that it’s getting later and that it will be more and more difficult to reach my goal before it gets dark.

I’m on the road. My legs feel fine, but I still have a head wind, a strong head wind today. I know that I will hold the same direction all day, which basically means that it will be a hard day.

Sunday is always a bit difficult when it comes to food. I’m changing countries so much that I never get a hold of their routines about opening hours. I stop in Novi Knezevac to buy some water, energy drink and chocolate. The banana and fruits they had looked really old.

20140831_134410I’m cycling further and can feel the strong wind. I have to push hard to hold around 20Km/h in speed. Another challenge is that I have to trust the waypoints on my GPS. My garmin have no map over Serbia, which basically means that I can’t see anything except the famous blue line.

At one point the asphalt is changing to some concrete plates with no more concrete, it’s just stones left. If I’m not getting a flat tire here, then I’ll never get a flat again!!! It’s shaking so much that I wouldn’t be able to speak properly even if I tried to.

The road normalizes after about 10-15Km with this horrible quality. Imagine that, combined with the strong head wind. I’m thinking that I will never be able to reach my destination today.

20140831_130025I still haven’t been able to find any shop to buy food. I’ll soon eat my 3th and last snickers and drink the last energy drink. Luckily I found an ATM and were able to get some more dinar. I stop at a gas station and refilled with some more chocolate and drinks with sugar.

The wind will most likely stay like this for the rest of the day. I believe I must have a good day since I’m able to hold an average speed of about 21.5Km/h. I feel strong at the same time as it’s hard.

The question I’m asking myself when cycling today is if I’m able to keep going like this for 137Km with only chocolate and basically false quick energy?

20140831_182440It looks like it. I’m making sure to refill immediately when I get a hint about losing energy.

Cycling into Secanj and reaching my destination was a good feeling, and when I still had energy, this was perfect. I’ve done well today considering the conditions.

I’m spending the evening in the restaurant, enjoying a glass of wine and as you know, I’ve had the famous skype conversation 😉

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