I’m motivated and ready for a new day in beautiful weather. I will reach Croatia if everything goes according to plan.¬†

20140828_121358I relax with some breakfast and coffee as a start of this beautiful day. I’m ready to start cycling.

The guy in the reception have a long talk with me and tells me stories about his experiences in Russia among others. He also says that the group of people that were at the breakfast are from Ukraina, and that they were following the status about their country closely.

I’m on the road. I quickly cycle out of Nagykanizsa. I’ll stay on the Hungarian side of the boarder for about 90Km today and then I’ll enter Croatia. I’ve been told that there is a boarder control between these two countries.

My legs feel great and I have a really good day. There are a few small climbs the first 30Km and then it will change.

20140828_162311The view is great. It’s funny how you can see the differences from July and August. In July the sunflowers blooms, but in August they are becoming¬†dry and shriveled.

It’s not always easy to find a cafe or an restaurant to have my lunch at. Most of the time it is just bars. I try to find a place to eat.

After about 20 Km of looking out for a place, I find a small pub which sells pizza. I sit down there and were planning to charge my speaker and to check the remaining route on my laptop.

ARGH… What’s happened with my laptop? It’s not working! Keyboard is not 20140828_121008working and the computer is living it’s own life. I’m afraid because of losing all of my pictures. Luckily I have a backup of most of it. I will look more into this later.

I had my pizza and are now on the road again. I’ve cycled about 60Km now and suddenly the speaker shuts down. Is this really the day where all my electronics stops working. I’m getting frustrated.

I’m back on the road after a quick phone call with Lillian and after looking for my earplugs.

It’s irritating that something like this should ruin a perfectly good day. I had a good plan today about distance, but it’s not gonna happen now. I need to be perfectly motivated to do a day like that. I’m going to end up at around 105Km today.

20140828_160941I’m cycling to the croatian boarder. First there is a checkpoint at the Hungarian side. This really takes some time. She checks my passport for about 10 minutes and discussed with another officer. At the same time they are letting others pass. Finally I’m allowed to cross, or should I say….Leave the country?

A few 100 meters further I reach the croatian checkpoint. She looks at my passport, smiles and say: OK, while she’s smiling.

Hello Croatia, country nr 14 out of 20. I’m cycling towards Virovitica. I’ve found a cheap place to stay there and it’s not that far.

I can see a difference on the buildings here. I feel that I’m in another country again. Most of the traffic is ok, but there’s a lot of heavy semi-trailers passing. I’m looking at the plates and can see that the romanians are the worst! And I’m going into this country? AICH.

Finally I’m here. The last 13Km have been horrible. I had to focus 100% on myself and just trust that they gave me the 1 meter I needed. A few of them came so close that the air pressure from them almost pushed me off the road.

I check in and find myself something to eat. The rest of the evening is spent in my room. Skype is a good friend to have!

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