I had an relaxing evening and are ready for a day on the bike. I’m prepared for rain today, but hope to get as far as possible before it starts.

20140827_140030I woke up quite early this morning. Had a breakfast and looked out on the rain that had already arrived here in Szentgotthard. I packed my bag and prepared myself for a rainy day.

It was a bit sun and the temperature was quite nice, so I decided to cycle without rain jacket. I’m getting wet by sweat if I cycle with the rain jacket anyway.

I’m starting directly in some climbs after passing Szentgotthard. I’m fully aware of these and knows that after about 30Km it will get better.

Slovenia is waiting for me today. It’s country nr 13/20. Amazing how I cycle through different countries that I’ve never visited IMG_3430before. I get to see a lot, and a lot of places that you would never think of travelling to. Places which even the local people in the same country wouldn’t know the name of.

I’ve crossed the boarder and are cycling through the woods. The road is ok, but you can feel that it’s been raining a lot, the gravel feels like glue.

I finally find a small place where they have a gas station and a small shop. I cycle to the shop here in Salovci and fills up my bag with the things I would need through the day. At the same time, I met a polish couple. They were cycling from Bratislava to Istanbul.

There is a bar just before the Hungarian boarder. I stop there to have a coca cola. I hoped that it would be an restaurant, but it wasn’t.

20140827_162611I look up at the sky when I’m crossing the boarder again. The weather they reported are definately coming now. The clouds behind me looks like trouble. I speed up quite a bit. I know that I have about 40Km left until I reach Nagykanizsa.

I’m holding a high speed. I know that I’m gonna lose against the weather, but how far can I come before it starts pouring down on me.

With 19Km left it starts. It really starts. The rain is heavy and the thunder is back. I put on my rain jacket and continues towards Nagykanizsa.

People are looking at me when they are hiding under the roofs. Why is he cycling in this weather? I’m just smiling, and from time to time singing along with my music.

I’ve reached my destination and have checked in. I go out to eat some food and to relax. I’m walking back to my room. I have an agreement with my mother, we will book the tickets for her trip. She will join me in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and then Bulgaria again.

GPS Data from todays trip: