I’ve celebrated my 30th birthday on this trip, now it’s my mothers turn to celebrate her 50th birthday…How much will I have to miss while I’m cycling around in Europe. I have to do something about this! What about a surprise visit?

Read a bit more here, but most important, the video will explain it all! 🙂

I’ve been quiet for a few days now. Those of you that are following closely, you might have noticed that the blog posts that were posted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday was delayed posts. There’s a reason for that. I had to make my mother and family believe that I was still cycling these days. At this time, I was travelling home to surprise them at my mothers 50th birthday party.

Some of you might also have noticed that I’ve been cycling quite long stages lately. There’s a couple of reasons for this. I had to get as far as possible, so that the 6 ineffective days wouldn’t do any harm on my plan towards the black sea. I had to reach either Kladovo or Negotin to take the bus to Beograd, since we’ve booked the flight ticket from Beograd a month ago.

I’m not gonna explain much about the trip home, the most important here is the surprise itself… Will it be successful? Will someone see us on the way to Fitjar? How far into the room will I get before my mother is able to see me? Will the rest of the people be able to be quiet when they see me walking through the room…

See the video below, sometimes a reaction says more than a 1000 words!! (It’s in norwegian for obvious reasons)

I’m back in Kladovo in Serbia now. This post is written on Wednesday at the breakfast table. I have to continue with some hard stages to reach Smolyan in Bulgaria on 17th of September. My mother is arriving there with a taxi from Burgas. She will join me through Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and then over the finish line in Bulgaria to the Black Sea.

Stay tuned! 🙂