Day 7 – Relaxing evening yesterday in Savukoski. Weird to wake up and see the same people that you met at the bar yesterday, serving you breakfast in the morning, I guess that’s how it works in the smallest community in Finland. Ready for about 80Km to Salla, weather is good and I feel good.

20140606_133423Buying food for the day
I stop at the supermarket to make sure that I have enough water and food for my ride towards Salla. I know that there will be no place to stop today.

I’ve looked for my pump today, I haven’t seen it in about 3 days, so I figured that I had to confirm if I lost it or not…. I had. Bought a new one, not the smallest one, but the only one they had.

Nice people in this small place
A guy came over to me while I was connecting the trailer to the bike outside the supermarket. He asked me the standard question, what is best of trailer or bags on the bike? I had no answer, since I’ve only tried trailer.

We had a nice conversation. He told me he was the priest in this community and that he was on the way to a funeral, not quite sure 20140606_123126why he shared that part with me. He told me that he had cycled about 1200Km in Finland before, when he was about 70 years old…. RESPECT!!! He spent some nights in tent and the rest at firestations, since he’s an old fireman.

After about 10 minutes conversation, he asked me, Stian, Where are you going? I answered Bulgaria. He looked at me with big eyes and quickly replied: «Either you are a fool or you are that hero…. I believe you are that hero!»…. Awwww. It was good to hear, I’m not sure if all of you know how I appreciate all the good comments, I can just say that it can change a bad day to a good day!

Same, same but different
There’s not much difference between the roads in Finland, but somehow I like it. You have the forrest, the forrest, the forrest, a water, a house with a dog, the forrest and the forrest, that’s basically it.

IMG_0823I’m glad that I’ve bought food for the whole day, but I should have had some more water. I was lucky enough to find a house with people outside. I asked them for water with the finger language, basically putting on the kind eyes and pointing towards the water bottle.

I wasn’t 100% sure what they ment when I showed them that it was hot, but I was afraid that they were expecting rain… And yes, the rain came. About 10Km from Salla it started raining a lot. I just put the camera bag into a plastic bag and continued, didn’t even bother to put on the rain jacket.

The rain showers continued all the way to Salla. I stopped at the hotel in Salla and asked for the price for a night… TOO HIGH. The standard was extremely low, no english speaking persons and ……. Enough said.

I continued to a nice small cafe in the middle of Salla, had a nice pizza meal, 7up and coffee, while surfing internet for other accommodation.

In Salla, I also saw a war museum, but it was closed when I arrived, that’s a shame, since it would be an experience to see.

IMG_082210Km I will never regret
I  had to continue for 10Km to get to the location where I should stay the night. The roads were nice, a bit up and down, but nothing to complain about.

When I finally arrived, my eyes are blown out…. WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE… You can see the alpint area, the mountain, the water… WOW, I really hit the bulls eye now.

Rain, but what does it matter?
I’m spending the night at a really nice accommodation that have the main season in the winter time. This location actually have some of the world winter activities according to the woman behind the counter.

I’ve had a great day and look forward to above 100Km to Kuusamo tomorrow. I’ve already planned a Instagram post to my favorite female skiier in Norway, Vibeke Skofterud… Just have to see if I get a reply.

Hope you all have a nice day, I have!

Thank’s for all the comments, you’re the best!

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