Day 3: It’s important with some restitution on a trip like this. I had an extreme day yesterday, so i felt I deserved a shorter day today. I met a cyclist on a long trip from France today.

IMG_0790Relaxing after a long day on the bike
I had a nice evening yesterday. Had to eat a lot of food to get my energy back, so my meal yesterday was a 200g beef with potato, vegetables and if that wasn’t enough, I brought a pizza to my room as well. EMPTY…

In the evening I had a long skype call with my family. I was relaxing with a couple beers and a glass of wine.

Ready for a new day on the bicycle
After speaking to the reception, I’m told that there is no camping at my destination today, so I adjusted the goal for today and planned to end up at a camping just 43Km from Inari.

The weather is much better, but I have the wind against me, which is a bit hard for my legs today. After about 10Km my legs get stronger and I feel all good.

20140602_131549French cyclist on a long distance trip
I met Luc from France, he is on a long distance trip and have been on the road for 3 months now. I don’t remember the whole route, but he mentioned that he’s been through Ukraine among many others.

Nice to see other cyclists on the road and as all of you on motorcycles, caravans, veteran cars, hikers and people in boats know, people driving the same as you, are your best friend.

Arriving at Ivalo, a small nice place. I’ve been told that it should be around 3000 people living here.

Camping by the river
I find the camping site which I planned to stay at. This is a small place by the riverside. Seems like a old small camping, but nice people working here. Good place to get some restitution for tomorrow.

Pictures from today:

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