I’ve had a nice evening in Dömitz. Now I’m ready for a new day on the bicycle. Not sure it it’s gonna be rainy or not… Time will tell!

20140804_095509I’m at breakfast at 9am. All the other cyclists are there as well. It’s a small cosy room where you share the tables with the others. It’s been a good night at this place. The host even washed my cycle shirt and shorts… I wonder what kind of wash she did, because this shirt haven’t been this white and clean since it was new from the store.

When I got back yesterday to the tent which was put out for drying it was completely wet. Of course it came some horrible rain showers just before I got back. I put it up in the bathroom and hoped that it would be ok in the morning, and it was.

My plan today is to have no plan. The internet in Dömitz was so slow that I wasn’t able to search for any campings. It’s a gamble, but I’ll try. I will start looking for camings after about 90Km and further.

20140804_121659I say goodbye to the host and then I’m back on the road. I didn’t find any good shop to buy any food or drinks, so I took a chance that I would find something on the way.

After after about 30Km I really need to find something. I’m out of water and start to get really hungry. The extra water bottle that I brought had fell of at a rough part off terrain.

I cycle a detour into Denzel and are lucky enough to find a small shop there.

The road takes me to both sides of the river today, or to put it in other words…The small ferrys take me to both sides. It’s a 1 minute crossing which costs 2 euro.

After the crossing to Schnackenburg I start cycling south and west again. Schnackenburg is a small cosy town. I stopped at a cafe to have a really nice spaghetti bolognese. This is what I call fuel, it can get you going for really long distances.

20140804_150104The weather today is quite rainy and the roads are a mixture of rough terrain to the old boarder roads made for the tanks.

After about 100Km I stop. I have to take a decision about where I’m going. There’s nothing on the roads here. I decide to take a detour to Salzwedel, which is the biggest place I can find within a short range.

I ask for camping when I arrive but are told that there is no such thing around here. I stop at a pension after cycling around in the city for a while. This is my home for tonight.

For dinner I had a perfectly made lasagne, it tasted almost like toro lasagne… the best in the world!

I’ve found a camping for tomorrow and will continue further south. In a couple days I will start on the Hartz mountain, then continue further to other climbs.

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