I woke up on Monday morning. Finally the day is here. Tom and Aina will visit me and join me for a while on the bicycle! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now and have planned a trip to the old town in Tallinn.

IMG_1542A surprise while waiting for my visitors at the airport!
I’m at the airport, looking at the time. It’s only 10 minutes until the flight is scheduled to arrive. Landed…Finally, awww, I’m so excited. I’m looking at the arrivals door everytime when it’s opening. I’ve heard some Norwegian voices, can’t be long now.

Suddenly I can see a known face from Fitjar. What’s happening, it’s not who I expect it to be! Kjell Magne Halleråker? What are you doing here? I say hello to him and he tells me that he’s here to cycle with me. I know he is a guy that loves to joke a bit, but I’m so surprised that I can’t think for real. Then he tells me that he’s here for work.

Tom and Aina come about 5 minutes later. They’ve been waiting for the bicycles. It’s easy to admit that it means much to me that they are coming to visit. Let’s just hope for some good weather, so that they have a nice experience along the Estonian coast and the coast of Latvia.

We quickly find a taxi for them and I give him the address to the hostel. I cycle after them and arrive when they are taking the bicycles out of the car.

Beautiful old town of Tallinn
It doesn’t take long time to build the bicycles. We get a taxi to the old town in Tallinn. The buildings are beautiful and old. It’s always facinating to walk around in the streets of a old town with a lot of history.

20140701_172800We had a good meal in a nice restaurant with a sword show. Aina and I had a fish meal and Tom decided to go for the beef.

It’s the first day for them to cycle and it takes some time to prepare everything. Packing the bag for the first time, mounting the bags and visiting the bicycle shop to buy some sportsdrinks and bottles.

Finally we’re on the road. The GPS is getting us out of Tallinn. Suddenly we can see the Eurovelo signs again. It’s basically just to follow them now. From time to time, that’s quite easy, but I have to admit that some places, it’s not always as easy to find the signs.

It’s raining a lot. We hoped that it would pass, but it just got worse. We’re out of the city and starts to get hungry again. I’m looking IMG_1620for a place to eat, and I find a place that serve some food. We stop there for about an hour.

Stop, don’t stop?
Stopping is always a dilemma…You need to get a proper meal, but when it’s cold and rainy, you will only get much colder and it would take 1-3Km to get some temperature in the body again.

We changed to some dry clothes and put on the rain jackets. The motivation to continue 70Km is not as high as it should be. With the company of Aina and Tom, it’s easy to get a smile… THANK YOU… Miley Cyrus for singing Wrecking ball. If you want a full concert and a smile from Tom And Aina, just put this song on. If you can’t hear the music, you will definately hear them, and have a good time. We’re prepared to continue and that’s with a smile on our face.IMG_1663The traffic have been quite heavy, a lot of trucks and cars driving fast while passing us. They keep a safe distance. We turn off the main road and continue along the coast. It’s not raining as bad as before and we’ve got the temperature back.

We continue on the gravel road, going over to tractor road through the forrest. It’s not as bad as it could be, but we get dirty. Some of the landscapes and the areas that we come to after these experiences is really nice. People in the garden is waiving to us, with a smile on their face, how nice!

Early to bed, need to catch the ferry tomorrow!
Finally we’re at the accommodation, 110Km from Tallinn. We find the rooms, wash the bicycles and have a quick shower. It’s also nice family from Finland here at the same time. They are so friendly to us that they provide us with some sousage and butter for our bread.

Since it’s quite late and we’re getting up early tomorrow, Tom and Aina went to bed. I’m awake  to update you guys back home. But now it’s time for me to sleep as well.

We have a plan for tomorrow and will wake up quite early to be able to reach the ferry out to the island that we are visiting.

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