I’ve heard rumors that the weather will be better today. I must say that it was a hit in the face when I looked out at the wet roads in the morning. I’ve already booked my stay for tonight, It will be in Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut, 120Km and 2000 climb meters away from here. Am I ready? Time will tell!

20140818_111209I’m on the road and are cycling straight into some hard climbs and the boarder roads. I’ve aimed a bit high today when it comes to my distance. I have to cycle fast to be able to reach this before sunset.

I follow «The Iron Curtain Trail» signs and are ending up at a road in the middle of the forrest. The trail is taking me directly to the boarder.

It’s difficult to imagine that the roads will get harder and in worse conditions that what I’ve cycled before, but this is the first time I’ve seen a sign informing me about the following: «Attention, bad road». I’m laughing and can’t say that I look forward to it. I need speed today and kilometers. I have no need for mountain hiking today.

The path is of really bad quality. There are slippery sticks, big stones among other things in the way. I don’t even bother trying to cycle one of the hills, it’s not possible. I’m pushing my bike and trailer and are using a lot of power and time to get up the steep hills.

I can see on my GPS that my blue line is following a small road a short distance from here, but when the signs are telling me that this is «The Iron Curtain Trail», I have to give it a try.

Of course I know that you are supposed to cycle on the trail. I know that you should stay as close to the boarder as possible, but IMG_3272come on!!! This could be a mountain hiking route, this is not a cycle route. You would need to enter these roads with a trail or cross motorcycle to be able to get up.

I’m stuck. My bicycle is standing there and the trailer is stuck on a huge stone. I have to disconnect and carry the equipment over. The time is running out on me. I’m not thinking too much about the roads I’m walking on, my head is thinking about the time and the distance to Neukirchen.

It’s decision time. I need to get some kilometers soon. I’ve got the option to take a path going right and come down to Silberhütte. From there, the road will be of a normal standard, or at least for a while.

Trying to get over the hill. It’s not easy. I’m pushing as hard as I can, but I have to be aware that the stones might be to big. I don’t IMG_3271want to break anything.

Finally I’m at Silberhütte. I’m on normal road again and follow the road to Flossenburg. There is a sign saying that the road to Waidhaus is closed. Argh…. I decide not to care. I will always find a way around, and if not….I’m getting used to mountain hiking. I don’t have time for this.

Closed road. My GPS tells me that there should be an unpaved road just left of the paved road. I’m giving it a try. The road is of quite good quality, but suddenly it takes me north…I’m not going north.

I cycle the small way down to the main road. I can see a construction worker. After a quick talk, he tells me that it is ok for me to continue.

IMG_3278There are a lot of construction work further down the street. I cycle over to them, and after about 5 minutes they are moving and let me pass. Finally I’ve reached Waidhaus…Still 90Km to go.

I stop at a pizza restaurant in Waidhaus. I can’t cycle without food. I have a quick meal and something to drink before I continue.

After about 15Km the road takes me into Czech Republic again. This is the first time I cross the Czech boarder on a normal road and not in the forrest.

I’m fully aware of that today will include a lot of climbing, and so It does. Czech is no exeption for this. The roads are of mixed quality. They are paved, but with some rough edges and holes.

20140818_183045Back at the German boarder. I stop 50 meters before. I’ve catched so much time now that I’m not afraid of the sunset anymore. I have a meal at the Czech side of the boarder and continues.

I prepare myself for the hardest climb so far. I know that it’s coming soon. I’m cycling through Waldmünchen and directly into the climb. My speaker is playing music on full volume and I’m trying to sing along when I have enough breath.

Am I at the top? Nooo, the road takes me left. I really hope there is something at this top that is worth looking at. It’s steep, really steep.

Suddenly the road is switching to gravel. I’m following the gravel trail into the woods. Small climbs and suddenly it’s downhill. I IMG_3274follow the road as long as possible. At one point it’s going in the wrong direction, so I decide to follow my blue GPS line through the woods.

What a ride…I think even downhill riders would be impressed of my cycling with my rigged bike and fully loaded trailer. The hills are so steep that it’s impossible to stop from time to time. There are small stones in the way, sticks and whatever you can imagine.

I’m laughing, I’m laughing really loud. I’m holding a firm grip at my bicycle and breaks. It’s painful to hold this strong grip for such a long time.

Finally at the bottom. I’m back on the main road again. I wonder why the trail took me up there. Nothing to see, and the main road is going 400 meters away…

IMG_3281I’m cycling through Furth im Wald. There is a festival here. A lot of drunk and smiling people. I continue up the hills and finally arrive at Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut.

My pension is in the main street and is easy to find. I quickly walk to my room. I have 15 minutes until the kitchen closes.

After an extremely good meal, I’m back at my room. I have a skype conversation with my sisters and then with Lillian.

I’ve decided where to go tomorrow, so I’m hoping that the weather will be ok, because there are quite some climbs tomorrow as well.

GPS Data from todays ride: