Yesterday’s evening at the campsite was really nice. It was spent at the restaurant with a good meal, some wine and blog writing, the ¬†rest of the evening was spent in common room and in the tent while skyping with Lillian. This is the perfect answer to get some good energy for a nice bike ride tomorrow.

20140627_124638Finally a morning that feels great
I’m woke up this morning feeling perfect. I’m ready for a new day on the bike, the sun is shining and I have a good feeling, good energy…What more can I ask for?

There is no rush to get on the bike. I spend some time eating breakfast, drinking coffee, listening to music, washing my bicycle and had a shower before I start packing the tent.

I believe the time is about 12:30 when I start cycling… So what! It’s my holiday, and I look forward to a perfect day on the bicycle. My plan is to follow the coast most of the day. I will follow the Baltic cycle route.

Gravel roads is quite nice from time to time (don’t remember that I’ve said this!!!! I’ll regret it later on)
IMG_1529It’s been a combination of paved and gravel road today. I’m actually quite happy about the small roads these days. It must be because of the good weather, and of course a combination with low traffic.

I’ve had a good feeling all day. The weather has been nice to me, could have been a couple degrees higher, but can’t complain with the sun warming.

The estonian traffic is much kinder with me compared to the russian. You could already feel this when you got closer to the estonian boarder, the cars and trucks gave me much more distance while passing.

Today’s goal is a camping called Lepispea, it should be around 95Km, but you know that it will always be a bit more.

Finally a place to buy refills
I stopped at a small shop in a community called Asera. Parked my bicycle, locked it and went in to get today’s food and drinks. As 20140627_155554usual people are looking when I’m walking around on my shoes making the clicking sound. There was a nice guy that came over to me and spoke with me for a while. When I mentioned my destination, he replied «Hmmm, some interesting mountains», while he smiled.

It’s some hours since I had my breakfast, so I sat down on the outside to get some refill. Two guys are standing on the corner, sharing a 1.5L beer, people are walking in and out of the store and keep looking at the bicycle and over at me sitting there with the camera mounted for me to take picture, using my remote. In the background you hear my ipod and the music angel with the beautiful tunes by Kurt Nilsen and Willie Nelson, the song is of course Lost Highway.

Music is turned to the maximum, people look at me and smile. I’m ready to continue towards the campsite.

Enjoy the sea when you have the opportunity
20140627_172953The road follows the beach at several places, but most of the time you’ll have the trees in the way, blocking for the view. So when you finally have an opportunity to get close to the sea…. DO IT, don’t wait!

I rode down to the sea, made myself ready for some pictures, relaxed and just enjoying the view. Some people from Switzerland came over and spoke to me. They mentioned that they drove passed me earlier, and that their son is on a 1200-1500Km bicycle trip. They were kind enough to take a picture for me before they left.

The camp site closes at 6, but after a phone call, she tells me that she will wait. I’m at the site at 6:45 and the kind lady gives me a lof of information. It’s a nice place, but not to many people. She tells me that the weather have been so bad, they even had snow earlier in June.

Nice evening with friendly people
I spent my evening in the kitchen, enjoying a glass of wine to my food and uploaded the pictures from today’s trip. When I came IMG_1532into the kitchen, I met a couple from Germany. They were really nice to me and we kept the conversation going. The man told me that in 2017 he was going on a motorcycle through Norway, following the coast. I said to him that he should contact me when he was close to Stord and Fitjar. We shared the contact details and said goodnight.

Skype is also a nice friend of mine. Having the possibility to see my family and Lillian back home is really nice. Imagine how a trip alone like this would be 15-20 years back.

It’s gonna be a cold night, I’m fully dressed with 3 layers of clothes while I’m in the ¬†sleepingbag. Still really cold!

Tomorrow’s day will be long. I will look at the possibility of reaching Tallinn. That will be around 130Km. I will have to see during the day, but it would be nice since the weather is so beautiful. Sunday and Monday will not be the same.

Pictures from today’s trip:

GPS Data from today’s trip: