Another day with blue sky and amazing conditions for a bicycle ride, what more can I ask for? I’m about 10Km outside of Salla, in an area called Sallatunturi, a real beauty of a place. My plan today is to reach Kuusamo, just above 100Km from where I am.

20140607_101829Finally I’m able to start before 12
I woke up quite early, but as you know, sometimes the bed is just too good! I was on the road at 10:20, which is not bad. My legs felt a bit tired at the beginning, but it didn’t take long before I got the speed up.

After about 30Km I’m passing a national park called Oulanka National Park. I stop there for some refill of water, some food and coffee. I’ve got a really good speed today, without pushing too hard.

The road is quite good, sometimes a bit rough, but nothing to complain about.

World cup skiing arenas
I know that I’m passing a place called Ruka today, but what I didn’t know, was that Ruka is the place for international ski arrangements and not Kuusamo itself.

IMG_0832Suddenly I can see the ski jump ahead, what a sight. This area is really beautiful. I quickly turn of the road to get a better view for a picture. I come down to a water and have the ski jump close by. It’s a good feeling to see this area.

Where is Skofterud, Bjørgen and Johaug when I’m in Ruka and Kuusamo? Finally I’ve reached this place and there’s nothing? I might have missed the season.

Reaching today’s destination, Kuusamo
I continue towards Kuusamo and still keep up the good speed. With about 7Km left, I can really feel that I’ve forgot 1 specific streching exercise, I’m in a bit of pain, but this will be gone later after some hours of relax.

In Kuusamo, I find some food and a drink. I sit down and relax a bit. After a while, I’m looking around and suddenly I find a bed and breakfast to stay for the night. I haven’t made up my mind yet for tomorrow, but I’m going to aim for some Km’s tomorrow as well.

Pictures from today’s stage:

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