We are ready for a new day on the road after a cold day on the bicycle yesterday and a nice evening at the house we rented. 

20140702_095616Early morning, ready for a nice day in good weather!
Our clothes are finally dry, we’ve got some hours of sleep and I must say that we really look forward to a day on the road with blue sky.

We start the day by eating the rest of our food and prepare ourself for many hours on the seat. The alarm was set to 07:00, since we needed to make sure that we were able to reach the ferry to Hiiumaa, which is the island we are going to.

It doesn’t take long before we are in the middle of the forrest. The roads are ok, but from time to time you need to focus to not hit the holes.

Our average speed is ok, but we need to make sure that we don’t push to hard. The only thing we have to eat is some cookies. We need to find a shop quite soon. The road follows the coast and are getting us in direction to the ferry.

20140702_124547We find this small shop and stops there for some refills of food and drinks. We have control about the time, but doesn’t have too much room for accidents.

Getting closer to the ferry, but meet some challenges!
It’s been amazing to ride the bicycle today, compared to yesterday. The weather is beautiful, but we could hope for a bit less head wind. The traffic in Estonia is still kind to us, the cars keep a good distance.

In Haapsalu, we’re passing an old train museum, it’s sad that we don’t have too much time to stop here, but we manage to take some pictures before continuing.

With about 10Km left, Aina tells Tom that his wheel seems to be lose or broken. We quickly stop to have a look and finds 4 broken spokes. If it would have been lose spokes, I would be able to fix it, but this is too much for me.

20140702_120704He carefully rides towards the boat. My head is thinking and thinking of how to find a solution for this problem. Finally we reached the ferry and get onboard. We met some swedish and australian cyclists as well.

Amazing how friendly and helpful people can be!
e try to do some research to find information about any bicycle repair shops, but it’s difficult. We decide that Tom will take a taxi to Kardla, which is where we are going today.

When we disembark the ferry, I see some people that I’ve met before. They stopped and I asked them for a favor. They were really friendly and allowed Tom to join them in the car to Kardla.

IMG_1699Aina and I continue along the cycle route. It’s a lot of beautiful places here on this island. With about 5Km left, Tom calls me and tell me that he’s been able to get a hold of someone that can fix the wheel. LUCKY US!

We arrive Kardla and quickly get some food before we find a place to stay. We cycle out to the camp site and decides to rent a small cottage.

The rest of the evening is spent at a restaurant with good food and some drinks. It’s a nice sunset. Tom have booked his ticket back home for Sunday.

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