What a day to wake up to. The weather is beautiful, the wind is finally going our way and we are fully motivated for a day on the bike towards the mainland.

20140704_151030Visiting the castle in Kuressaare
We have a quick breakfast today, not anything special. The plan is to visit the castle in Kuressaare and then cycle about 90-110Km towards the mainland, and hopefully find a place to stay for the night.

The camping that we had planned to visit, had no place available for tents and the option they gave us were too expensive. We decide to cycle to the ferry and then see what we can find on the other side.

The castle was amazing. Beautiful and nice building with a lot of history. It’s now a open museum and we pay about 5 Euro each to visit. It’s worth it.

Just have to love the tail wind
IMG_1751When we’re on the road, we can feel the tail wind… Finally some tail wind. It’s a good feeling when you can hold 30-35Km/t without pushing.

The landscape is nice and flat. We keep a good speed, but Aina’s legs are a bit tired today, so we try to be kind to her. Tom is looking for the road signs and make jokes, some funny jokes, and some that only he laughs of.

With about 10Km left to the ferry, we hold a good speed. It’s easy to hold a good speed with the wind coming from behind. I’m just cycling, drinking, eating and trying my best to reach the ferry. We reached the boat, and it left 1 minute after we embarked..Just have to love it!

Risky business when you have no plan for where to stay
We have no plan for what to do on the other side. We just follow the route and there’s not many places to stay. Food is necessary when you have a day like this. We have to eat. It might be that we have to go for another 50Km.

20140704_160019Finally we meet two cyclists that is cycling for a year. They tell us that there is a small shop 1Km further on. The time is now 8 minutes to 8 in the evening, we take no chances and cycle to the shop. Lucky us, they are open in just about 3 minutes more.

There was a sign to a motel 1Km back, we cycle to this road and head down towards the sea. We come to this amazing scenery. The Motel is just by the baltic sea and does not cost too much. Decision made… EASY!

We spend the evening on the balcony and had our first barbeque meal, it’s fantastic. I’m enjoying the day’s here with my friends. Tomorrow is the last day that Tom will cycle. He will take the bus to Riga on Sunday morning.

Tom and Aina’s little corner:

Welcome to Aina and Tom`s corner 🙂

20140704_181626This day! This day was.. both awesome and not good. Not good because Aina`s legs hurt like shit the entire day. But still awesome in so many ways. This day we had the wind WITH us. That means that we where able to cycle for about 26-30kilometers per hour without using to much power. It felt great. Really great. The best feeling came when we reached 40 kph. And Tom was in great shape, as usual. The only problem was that he can feel that he has been sitting on a bike for four days. On one of the ferries Stian actually said: «Here Tom. Go to the toilet and butter up you pants with this cream.» LOL(z).

Since we had no idea where we were gonna spend the night, we started searching when we got of the ferry. It seemed like we were cycling for hours in the woods before we FINALLY found a store and a place to stay. Lucky for us it was a beautiful place by the sea, so we opened four bottles of wine, made us some food and started the karaoke that we always do at night.


Aina and Tom.


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