It’s early morning, the alarm clock (sun) woke us up and Aina prepares to leave. I’m ready for a long day on the bicycle and are heading towards Kolka, where the Gulf of Riga and The Baltic Sea meets.

20140708_110459Alone on the road again, need to go back to thinking safety in another way
I’m quite early on the road. I have to change my way of thinking security again. When you have company, you can go to the big shopping centres, you can leave your bicycle and valuables, since you will always have one person watching it. I’m alone again now, which basically means…Find small shops, maybe even a gas station where you can see the bicycle from the window, bring the camera bag with my passport, camera and more valuables inside, never leave it. Lock the bike to the trailer and hope for the best.

It’s easy to find the road out of the city. ┬áMy Garmin GPS is my best friend here, but when you are on the road in the right direction, there is no problems anyway.

20140708_143142My plan is to do about 140Km today and arrive at a small place called Melnsils. I will live at a camp site and have already booked a place for my tent.

So close to the sea, but yet so far?
I will be cycling along the sea all day. Extremely close to the sea, but you know that there is always the small forrest between you and the great view. You can see hundreds of cars every km you cycle. The road is only 50-100 metres from the sea, so when the weather is like this, everyone drives out of the cities and stay at the beach.

I must admit that the roads for me is quite booring, specially since I can’t see the sea to often. Everything would be different if that would have been changed.

20140709_170020The road brings me through many small towns on the way to Melnsils. There’s also some cyclists on the road, some friendly and some really uninteresting, not even a smile? Come on!!!

Beautiful locations for the camp sites
It’s been a good day, I’ve felt strong and have kept the smile on my face all the way. The last 10Km have been a bit harder, since I didn’t want to stop when I got so close..You know it’s stupid, you need to eat, even if you are close…

After arriving at the camp site, I put up my tent, get all of my clothes in the washing machine and it’s time for skype. They have some beautiful locations for some of these campings. You can see and listen to the sea hitting the land, amazing and just how I want it!

Tomorrow will be a long day on the road, I’m planning to arrive at Pavilosta, which is 171Km from Melnsils.

GPS Data from today’s trip: