I’m motivated for a long day towards the Hungarian boarder. If everything goes according to my plan, I will cycle from Austria, through Slovakia and back to Austria again. 

IMG_3349It’s early morning. I’m eating breakfast here in Grosskrut. The weather have luckily changed since yesterday. Most of my clothes are dry, except my shoes and socks.

Yesterdays blogpost is posted and I’m saying goodbye to the host. I’m on the road and it feels great. I quickly pick up a good speed. It’s about 15Km to the Slovakian boarder, it goes really fast.

I have a feeling that this will be a great day, I love it! My legs feel strong, I’m cycling fast and the road is quite good, basically a good combination.

You need to cycle over a bridge that crosses the river Thaya when you are entering Slovakia. The boarder is following the river. I stop for a picture and continues further into the country.

IMG_3359There are roads going along the river and boarder. It’s quite booring, the roads are quite bad and there isn’t a house or any persons to see.

Finally back in civilization. The first small community I’m cycling through gives me an impression that they are poor. Some people are just looking at me and doesn’t change the face at all, some of them gives me a smile.

I follow the road further south towards Bratislava and the river Donau. I can see a small bicycle cafeteria on a small road along the boarder. I decide to stop here for a quick meal. There’s a weird smell. I’m almost reconsidering if I should eat here or not. I decide to stay.

There are some people coming over and asks me about where I’m headed. They’ve seen my trailer and flag. They speak quite good english and are really easy to communicate with. I tell them about the trip and they asks a lot of questions. I have a small eye in my IMG_3353neck, making sure that my bike and bag is not being touched….I don’t like that I’m thinking like this when people are friendly and talks to me. I’am alone, I have to take some precautions and needs to be safe.

My dinner is here. It’s pasta with some tomato sauce. It tastes good. I’m looking on the map while eating. I need to decide where to stay for the night. I book a room at a pension just before the boarder to Hungary. I almost regret it at the same time as I clicked confirm…It’s a long way to go!

I cycle further on towards Bratislava. Most of the time there are bicycle roads. I try them out, but turned quickly back to the road. It’s a bicycle road, but the quality was bad. I need to hold a good average speed if I’m supposed to reach my destination before sunset.

20140824_160749Cycling along Donau is nice. There are a lot of people walking along the river. There are some beautiful buildings, a broken castle on a hill and nice paved bicycle/walking roads along the huge river.

It’s about time to cross the Donau. They have built a huge bridge for cars. I’m crossing on the same bridge, but on a bicycle/walking path below the road and on the side of the bridge.

I’m back in Austria and I can say goodbye to Slovakia, country nr 11 out of 20.

20140824_181715I cycle through amazingly big and beautiful wineyards. It’s also facinating to see the map of where I’m cycling. At one point I’m cycling in Austria and while looking left you can see Hungary, but the wind mills 400 meters further are in Austria as well, facinating!

I’m passing a boarder crossing to Hungary, but it’s not a part of my route to cross over today. I can’t wait… I cycle 1 meter into the country and fills my bottles of water and cycle back to Austria. I’ve been to Hungary as well, but I won’t check it off my list until I’m cycling a longer distance in the country tomorrow.

My legs are strong and are able to keep a good speed, even if the wind is coming against me from time to time. I haven’t had a meal since the bicycle cafeteria. I’m running on my reserves now, but I can’t stop, I need to reach Wallern before sunset.

It’s beautiful to cycle in the evening, there are good cycle roads, so you can actually feel safe. The sun is going down and you get a great scenery on the right side.

Finally I’ve reached the pension. I’m checking in, have a quick shower and walks down to have a meal. Todays menu gives me a good soup and a beef. Finally I’ve got a beef, I’m so tired of pork. I’m smiling, I can live for a long time on this meal.

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