Day 4  I don’t have words for how it feels to wake up in the morning and the first thing you see when you open your eyes is blue sky. This is gonna be an amazing day on the road.

Sleep well when you can!

IMG_0798I’m not waking up to early, but as most of you know, there is daylight 24/7 up here now, so no rush.

After a quick breakfast I’m on the road. The legs feels fine today, yesterdays short stage must have been good for me. There is wind against me today, so the speed will not be great, but who cares, I have blue sky, I’m happy!

My plan today is to get around 100Km to a small village with the name Peurasuvanto. I’ve spoken to people and also checked that there is a camping site there.

Long distances is easy when you don’t  push to hard
It’s easy to do 100Km in this weather, even with the wind against. I’m just comparing it with 1 trip around Stord + a trip to Leirvik or maybe Grov. For those who don’t know anything about this, it’s just my way of making this a short distance in my head.

IMG_0800I knew that it would be some small climbs today, nothing steep or very long, but it will go up. At least the people here in Finland are honest when I ask them. Normally you would get the following answer from a guy in a car: Noooo, it’s completely flat… and then the truth would be otherwise.

I’m finally getting the feeling of enjoying this. There is no rush, I’m stopping for a coffee or something to eat wherever I want. This is a good feeling.

Nice evening, with nice people
Yesterday evening I was sitting on the small terrasse outside the camping. I met some finish people that invited me to sit with them.

The women said she had to leave now, she was going about 700Km south, but invited me to stay at their place if I passed them going south. Nice of her, but unfortunately it’s not a part of my route.

20140603_161909Tom cycling to Northcape and Gibraltar
Continuing towards Peurasuvanto, I meet a Tom from Norwich, England. He’s on his 3th day on the bicycle, started in Finland and will go up to Northcape and follow the E6 all the way down to Oslo and then continue through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and all the way down to Gibraltar.

Tom said he lived in Poland, so he gave me some info of what to expect when I came there. He’s also writing a blog from time to time, but I’ll get the address when he comments on my blog a bit later.

I continued after saying goodbye. There is still some small climbs, nothing bad. Stop at one of the many souvenir shops along the road, not because I have to, but because I see that I’m getting close to my 100Km today and I just wanted a coffee, or in other words, just because I can!

The owner of this small shop, located in a big lavo tells me that the camping in Peurasuvanto is permanently closed, but says that there is a small souvenir shop about 5Km from here, that have place for a tent.

IMG_0806Relaxing in the sun on my campsite
I decide to go there. When I arrive, the KM on my GPS says 90Km, which is good enough anyway. This is a nice place, a nice host and he even have a sauna and a lavo with a camp fire, which I’m allowed to use.

I try his salmon soup, which is really good. I also buy some Elg and Reindeer salami, that I might put on my primus fire later this evening!

He tells me that the camping business is just for extra money in the summer. His main work is smoking and selling fish and other food to hotels, resturants, campings and so on. I see that he had some Bear salami as well…. LATER, I’m not ready for this!

Hope you like reading my posts, I appreciate all the comments and all of you following me, it’s always nice when I get a connection to see what people write!

Now it’s time for me to have a shower, use the sauna, the lavo with a fire, restitution and enjoy a nice well deserved finish beer with my food!

Until next time!

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