I spent the evening in the tent, listening to music and finding out about which direction to take after Sodankyla. Finland is going to be more insteresting the next days. I’m getting close to the Russian boarder again and the road quality can fall dramatically.

20140604_122036Heading to Sodankyla
Today I’ve planned only 65Km to Sodankyla. This is the point in Finland, where I am changing direction and are getting of the main road.

The weather is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the day. The only problem about a «short» stage like this, is that you are rushing to finish early.

I had to stop quite early to fix the clits under my shoe, it was not in the position that it should have been, so my foot was a bit twisted in a way.

There are almost no hills today, feels really flat, which is obviously good, but for people that have been cycling like this, know’s that 20140604_111621you don’t get a second break from pedaling. But no complaints here.

Nice evening with other cyclists
Getting into Sodankyla, I met Andy and Josh, 2 guys from Southampton, they are traveling by bicycle and are heading to Northcape and then continuing south in Norway. We had some pizza at Sodankyla center and then joined each other to the campsite.

We had a nice evening with some coffee, another pizza and had a few beers with each other at the pub just beside the camping.

I’ve had a nice night in the tent, a bit late up for cycling today, but my goal is Savukoski

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