I’ve had an amazing evening in Palanga. The plan today is to spend some time with my friends, and then go as far as I manage, towards Gdansk.

IMG_2147Spending the morning with my friends
It’s 9:15AM and we’re ready for breakfast. Meilute, Tautvydas and Romante takes me to a cafe and I have a perfect omelette with bacon… After a good breakfast, we walk through the beautiful park and talk about everything and nothing, just the way it’s supposed to be! I love the feeling, that it’s so easy to speak with my new friends, even if I meet them for the first time!

We enter the museum and look at the amber medallions and everything that the museum can offer these days. They are rebuilding, so we’re only able to see about 10% of what they normally have. But for me, 10% is 100% more than what I’ve seen before!

IMG_2153When we’re finished at the museum, we walk through the rest of the park. They tell me both true stories and fairy tales, good stories, some love stories and some a bit more drastic.

We have lunch together before I walk up to my room and make myself ready to leave. Meilute gives me a really nice picture book from Lithuania, and Tautvydas gave me a medallion and a t-skirt from their projects, «Wheel Addicted». I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m out of words for how welcome I feel here, and how thankful I am. Thank you so much for everything!!!

Heading towards the Russian boarder
I’m saying goodbye and start cycling towards Klaipeda. Here I wait for the boat IMG_2191that will take me over to the part that will take me towards Nida and the Russian boarder. I suggest you look at the map today, because this is amazing.

It’s a really strong side wind today, which makes it a challenge you keep the bicycle steady from time to time, and when the wind changes and comes from the front, it feels like you are being held back.

Monster stage tomorrow
The scenery here is amazing. You’re cycling on the bicycle roads all over the island. You have the beach on the right side and can walk over to the sandy beach. 20140711_194935Here’s something for everyone, you see signs saying that this part is for nudist only, next part is for female only, male only, both and so on. Of course I spent an hour at the nudist part, just because I like it….Huh, I guess you knew that I’m kidding now, even before you read this last part.

I’m really late today, so I’m worried that it will get dark while cycling, and to be honest, I’m quite tired. I’m stopping in Nida and decides that I will take a monster stage tomorrow, because I am going to Gdansk, no matter how far it is… My plan is to leave tomorrow morning and I hope to be in Gdansk in the evening, maybe around 7-8.

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