Waking up to beautiful weather is always amazing, but waking up to these conditions after a day like yesterday is indescribable. I am so ready for a long day along «The Iron Curtain».

IMG_2891It’s funny how you can go from a 29 Euro camping along the coast to a 7 Euro camping in the middle of the country and actually sleep better. When you look at the the conditions it’s not so funny… Here you have green grass instead of sand dunes, there’s less people and in other words LESS DRUNK PEOPLE! 🙂

After a good night of restitution I am ready. I am ready for a new day on the bike, I know that it’s about 8Km before I am back on the route, but I don’t care….The weather is beautiful and I feel great.

I quickly find a grocery store and buy everything that I need for today. I’m tired of not finding any shops, so I’d rather have some more weight.

I’m on the road again…Or should I say on the boarder road again.. There is no paved road here. I cycle in the middle, at this place it is some grass which is better than the concrete plates with holes in it.

IMG_2901It’s amazing what I get to see on this trip. I’m cycling in places where it’s not possible to drive, through cities or beautiful towns that you would never think of visiting! I can complain as much as I want about the bad quality of the road… The conclution is that I love it… I love that I’m cycling with a 35Kg trailer in these places, I love that I get the opportunity to see these places. I can guarantee you that my family and friends will never see some of the beautiful towns that I’m able to see!

The road towards Ilsenburg takes me through a lot of places that you wouldn’t even think of driving. Sometimes I think… Should I take the normal road, the shorter road… But then I remember all the experiences these small roads have given me! I will never cheat, I will complete this trip and follow the route as close as possible.

I stop to take a picture. At this time I can see that my bicycle is falling. I’m trying to catch it and forget that sometimes it’s better to let it fall than to hold it. This is because of the weight of the trailer, it can break things if you hold it to hard.

IMG_2880I can feel that something have happened when I start to cycle again. I can’t use my lowest gear…I stop to have a look when I’m back on normal roads. I spend about an hour to adjust, but something is seriously wrong.

Continuing is difficult, I’m improvising to be able to continue. Normally I’m cycling on the second front gear and switching on the rear gear. At this time it’s just jumping and giving me trouble.

I stop at a ice cafe, to be allowed to sit here I actually buy an ice and start fixing the gear. Easier said than done, but I’m able to make a difference by using the tools I have…. A screw driver, my multitool and a wine opener! It’s working as good as possible!

When I follow the road towards Ilsenburg I can still feel that it’s giving me some trouble, but it’s much better. I think there are some IMG_2930parts that are exhausted and needs to be replaced.

Finally I’m in Ilsenburg, the foot of the Hartz mountain. I quickly check in at the room I’ve rented for the night and walks down to Tony’s, which is an italian restaurant.

I will be 100% honest now…. I can’t understand why people keep looking at us/me… When we walk in these towns… At least not when the bicycle is parked, I’ve had a shower and are walking as a normal person….. WHAT?????

It’s stupid of me to buy lasagne after the good experience I had last time… This was a disaster……Not even close to Toro! 🙂

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