I’m ready for a new day on the road. I’m in Austria today and will cross the boarder to Hungary several times during todays ride. My goal for today is Koszeg, but something is telling me that this might be a bit hard…Time will tell!

20140825_125257It’s early morning and I’m eating breakfast here in Wallen im Burgenland. I’m just 5Km from the hungarian boarder and are ready to cycle into a new country.

It will be quite flat for the first 40Km and then it will change. I’m on the road. My legs feel fine after yesterdays long ride, but will this last when the hills are coming?

My first impression of Hungary after crossing the boarder is that it seems clean, nice and actually a place I could stay for a while. The bicycle roads are impressive two lane roads and there’s a lof of cyclists around. It might be that it’s just in the specific area I’m in now.

20140825_114750I’m cycling behind a couple from Germany. It’s really hard to follow these two persons. They must be between 60-70 years old. It’s amazing how they climb the hills, the only time I’ve got the possibility to catch up is when cycling downhill. I must say that it’s really nice to see that they have the possibility to cycle around like this on electric bikes.

There are so many wine yards in this area. I stop at one of them and buy myself a bottle with red wine from the lady standing along the road. She’s selling fruits and wine from their farm. This will be my gift from myself on my birthday tomorrow evening.

I’m cycling further and stops at a restaurant just a couple of kilometers from the Austrian boarder. I have a meal and something to drink. I really miss the pasta option. It’s to much heavy food, I’m not gaining energy, I’m losing it.

The climbs are starting. It’s not anything steep, but they are a bit long. I’m cycling through some small towns here in Austria and continues up the hill along the boarder and in between the wine yards.

It’s quite a lot of wind today, and it’s coming straight too my face most of the time. It’s hard, why can’t the wind just turn and push me.

IMG_3385I’ve been crossing the boarder between Austria and Hungary about five times today. Sometimes it’s a bit confusing. I always look at the plates of the cars to decide which county I’m in.

It’s so many wine yards around here. First you cycle through a small town, then it’s 100 wine yards until the next small town, this is how it goes all day long.

The clock is ticking today as well. I don’t have too much time if I want to reach Koszeg in Hungary. I haven’t made any reservation, so I can stop when I want. I look at the time and decide to keep going.

I’m getting more and more tired and haven’t been able to eat to much. I know that the result of this will be that I’ll become empty towards the end and that I will really need a meal quickly when I’ve reached IMG_3405Koszeg.

Finally I’ve reached my destination. I’ve crossed the boarder at Lutzmannsburg and cycled the hills over to Koszeg. This city seems like a small, old and really nice place.

I’m eating a pizza and are enjoying a beer. It’s time to go back to my room and relax for the last hours before I’m turning 29 for the second time in my life! And now…Time to sleep!

I’m sitting in my room now. I’m writing this blog post on my 30th birthday. I can see all the nice gratulations coming in on my phone and on facebook. The rain is pouring down outside, to be honest…I don’t care, it’s still 1 hour and 5 minutes until check-out time.

Thank you for following me on this trip, I really appreciate it. Today’s trip will be between 75-80km and will take me several times between Hungary and Austria. Tomorrow I will see a new country again. Then I’ll visit Slovenia!

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