What a morning to wake up to here at Hotel Gasthof Zum Bach. I’m fully rested, even if I had a long and hard day yesterday. I’ve had a good night sleep and are motivated for a new day in the mountains.

20140819_101003It’s early morning, I’m just staying in bed. I start writing yesterdays blog post. It’s not that easy describe some of the conditions I’m cycling through without being too negative. I don’t want to be negative, I love this, I love this challenge! I know that some days will be harder than others and that some days will be amazing.

It’s time for breakfast. The blog post is almost finished, I just need to read through it and add some pictures. The people here at this pension are so friendly and the house itself is amazing, they have big rooms and it’s possible to live with the price.

I speak with the guy sitting in the reception. He came over to my table while I were eating. I asked about how many people that is living here in Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut, he replied about 4000. He asked IMG_3287me about my trip and where I was going. He asked me if he could take a picture for their facebook page before I were leaving, you can see his post here: Hotel Gasthof Zum Bach – Facebook post.

Ready for a new day. I’ve packed everything and are cycling over to the grocery store. It will most likely be possible to buy food today, but why stop later when I can put it in my bag now?

I’ve checked the map today and I’ve seen that I will follow the road most of the time. This might be one of the reasons that I’m so motivated for todays ride.

The road takes me directly into a climb, just as expected! I’m prepared to get over 2000m of climbs today as well. I cycle through a small place called Lam and continues further on to Schwarzenbach. At this place IMG_3292it is a lot of people. I stop and ask someone about what’s happening? They say that there is an animal park here with local animals like wolves and others. It seems like a nice, beautiful and popular area.

It’s no doubt. This is where the first real climb starts. If I remember correctly from my preparations, I will get above 1000 meters now. It’s a long climb. It’s about 16Km from the lowest point to the top.

There’s not much you can do. You cycle step by step, put on a smile when people are passing you and try to help the big semi trailers by letting them know that you have seen them and that it’s clear around the corner. Many of them lets me know that they appreciate it by using the horn or the blinking lights.

I’m at the top. 1050m above the sea level. I stop there to take a picture and receive a phone call from Lillian, what a timing! 🙂 We IMG_3288both know that I have a long way to go. There is still 75Km to my ending point for today.

I cycle down to a cafe just before the downhill really starts. I have a nice lunch and a coca cola.

It’s about time to enter Czech Republic again. I’ve missed it. I’m cycling down the hill and are going from 1000m to around 700m. I cross the boarder again and find a bank. I like to have some cash and not just my card.

The roads are good and the drivers are nice to me. I’ve heard that they drive like crazy here, but I can’t say that I have experienced this. They hold a good distance IMG_3296when they are passing me. If there is a car coming towards us, then they actually wait behind me until it’s safe. As my friend Tom Wagtskjold would say: «Kudos»

I’m climbing up to around 960m again and from here the road is going up and down. I’m cycling through several small places like Srni and Modrava.

In Modrava the last big climb starts. I knew it was coming, but didn’t know when. I will get over 1100m. It’s going slowly, but I’m pushing a bit. The competitor in me is alive. I’ve cycled 80Km so far, but there is still power in my legs. I’ve seen a few cyclists in the hill. They are about 50-100 meters ahead of me. I’ve got one plan for this hill, I will at least pass 2 of them, I’ve seen 5.

IMG_3297Finally at the top. My bottles are empty and I stop to refill them. I’m eating two bananas. I’m smiling, I passed two of the guys that didn’t have any extra weight and I held the same distance to the rest of them, I’m satisfied and tired!

It’s about 15Km left, but I know that the pension is just below 900m, which probably means that I will cycle downhill soon. I believe it will go fast.

I’m cycling further. A few small climbs. Finally it’s going down. It’s going down the rest of the way. I’m cycling through a small cosy place called Kvilda. I actually thought about stopping for some pictures, but I’m really ready to arrive at my goal.

20140819_073817There are several pensions here in Borova Lada. I checked in at one of them. I had a quick shower and went out to eat. Refilling is important for the restitution!

I’ve got a plan for tomorrow. We’ll see if I’m able to hold it. The temperatures are low and they report rain. But if everything goes according to my plan, I will enter Germany for the last time, then enter Austria and finally reach my pension in Czech. Time will tell.

GPS Data from todays ride: