My adventure is getting closer each day. I’ve never felt like this before, It’s difficult do describe in words. Scared, happy, excited, nervous….That’s just some of the things going through my mind at the moment.

Today I’ve delivered the bicycle on Hurtigruten. It felt like this was the point of no return. I know that it was never an option to stop, but sending the bicycle just confirms that this is really getting close.

IMG_0415Full focus
It’s funny how my mind goes from full focus on my arrangements for the group going to Kristiansand to cycle Colorline Setesdal Tour to Hovden, suddenly it changes to full focus on The Iron Curtain. It’s important to stay focused.

Thoughts going through my head
Did I send something with the bicycle and trailer to Kirkenes now, that I might need this weekend? Have I forgot something? Will the bicycle and trailer be in good shape when it arrives Kirkenes? Am I ready for 4 months alone in Eastern Europe? Will my passport arrive in time? Will I be safe?

All of these questions is going through my mind every day, and especially when people ask me good questions that I might not have thought about. I like the excitement and I don’t want to have all the answers now. Part of my adventure will be to solve things on the spot, when a challenge, a problem or some kind of difficulties appear.

10406421_519214311534230_1959869160877695240_nThis is exciting, this is a part of what makes me want to do this, the part that gives me the feeling of not having 100% control, but then again, knowing that it will be alright, I will make it.

My adventure, «The Iron Curtain» is getting close
It’s only 8 days left until I fly up to┬áKirkenes, to start my adventure, I look forward to it, and yes…. I am ready, I am motivated, a bit scared, but that’s healthy… It would be a bigger problem if I didn’t see any challenges with the trip.

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Pictures from today: