We’re planning to cycle to Pärnu today. This is Tom’s last day on the bicycle and we want to spend the evening with him before he’s heading to Riga with a bus. The weather is perfect, the sun is shining and there is almost no wind, good conditions for a day on the road.

20140705_132705Imagine to wake up with blue sky and the view of the Baltic sea…Paradise
The evening we spent by the sea yesterday was really nice. The scenery was beautiful by the Baltic Sea, and when you combine this with friends and holiday…. What can you say?

We’re on the road and have about 75Km to cycle today. Some Norwegian tunes are coming out of the speaker, all of us are singing out loud at the same time as we have a big smile on our face, what an amazing day!

Broken spokes again!
Cycling today is easy, we just enjoy every kilometer. We stop for a lunch break when we arrive at Töstamaa. We’ve noticed that IMG_1868there is some broken spokes on Tom’s back wheel. It’s his last day on the bike, but he still have about 50Km left. We move a lot of his luggage and weight over to my trailer, we don’t want his wheel to get worse.

After a nice lunch at a cosy place in Töstamaa, we continue towards Pärnu. It’s incredible to see the improvement in Aina’s form. There is no problem to cycle 110Km for her now.

Aina and I have been doing most of the job today. This is Tom’s first day with a bit low energy, but he’s still holding a good speed and a good mood. Everyone will from time to time have a day with low energy.

Pärnu, beautiful Pärnu!
We’re getting closer to Pärnu. It is a beautiful city. A lot of people and life. The Hostel that we found seems to be really bad. They discuss the price that booking.com gave us. We just leave this place and hope to find something else, something that seems to be a IMG_1807bit difficult in this city, since it’s a festival here today.

Tom takes a decision and books a hotel. This is way over the budget that me and Aina have planned. Anyway, we got a place to spend the night, a great view over the beach and the sun is still shining! It will be tent tomorrow!!!

We found a nice Italian pizza restaurant and wait for a table. The pizza’s we got served here was incredible. It seems like a busy place, since there’s always people waiting for a table…many people!

When we’re finished at the restaurant, we walk down to the beach. The shoes is off and we just walk in the Baltic sea. This is paradise…

IMG_1844Beach concert is never wrong!
Just by the hotel that we’re staying at, there is a beach concert. We buy ourself a beer and listen to the concert for about an hour. Nice music with good musicians. There’s so much life, people are dancing all over and are really having a good time.

We get back to the hotel room. We can see and listen to the rest of the concert from here.

Me and Aina will continue tomorrow and we will pass the boarder to Latvia. We have found a camping site and the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow as well.

Good night to all of you, thank’s for following and commenting, it means a lot!

Tom and Aina’s little corner:

Tom’s last day.
I think this day only can describes as perfect! We started the day really
slow and comfy. Aina (and Stian) had a GREAT day on the bike with alot of
energy. Tom was having a slightly heavier day, but still he was in a good
mood and we all had a great day together. Arriving Pärnu was magnificent.
The city is beautiful with its buildings, streets and beach. A looong beach
IMG_1909with a view that can take your breath away. It is paradise!

Tom is sad that he will have to leave us tomorrow, but feels that this
vacation has been a good one. It’s not gonna be his last vacation in
Estland 🙂

So goodbye for now Tom.

Aina and Tom.

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