Prepared or not, it’s a new day on the bicycle, and I have to get some kilometers today…Let’s just hope the body responds to what I want. I’ve had a painful day in bed after some bad food.

20140626_124314Bad day, bad night….Perfect conditions for a new day?
I’ve tried to get as much sleep as possible this night, but it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been cold sweating all night, at one point, my bed was so wet that I had to change to the other one. Before I changed, I was so cold that I actually went to the bathroom to have a shower. I quickly went to bed again and tried to get some sleep.

I went to breakfast around 9:30 in the morning. I felt much better, but I know that even if I feel good now, this day on the bicycle will be hard because of the condition yesterday and this bad night.

20140626_161830The bicycle and bag is packed and ready at 12. I’m checking out and found the car wash to see if it’s possible to clean my bicycle. You had to preorder….WHAT?

Finally on the road
I’m on the road at 12:30. I’ve bought the food and water that I need for today’s ride. I haven’t got any big plans, I just want to get the amount of kilometers that I have to…

It’s not a problem to find the direction out of Narva, I’m quickly on the road towards the Gulf of Finland. I will follow the ocean all day. It doesn’t take long before I have to stop and take some pictures, there’s always so many facinating monuments, churches among other things to take pictures of.

Beautiful views by the coast
The road follows the coast as I knew it would. It’s a nice feeling when you can smell the sea, and that you can see it between the buildings. Today’s route will be really flat, now big hills or anything is expected.

I pass some minor communities and people are looking at me and my bicycle setup. I guess they’re not used to people coming on a bicycle with a trailer connected.

IMG_1492At one point I’m turning off the road to follow the bicycle route. This is not gravel, this is stones… I’m thinking… Mr. Cramer, why are you sending me out here on this road…. There must be better alternatives! But then I come out to the coast, beautiful flat landscape and a steep cliff down to the Gulf of Finland. I understand now, it’s totally worth it!

I’ve been running on half engine all day. My body is as expected, not responding as I hoped for. Hope this will be better tomorrow. With about 20Km left to my destination for today, I’m basically just cycling in a trance. I’m trying to enjoy what I see around me, but I just look at it, consider to stop…. But no, I have to continue.

Spending the night at an historical location
Finally I’m at my destination. This is a place called Saka Cliff Hotel & Spa. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? I’m spending the night in my 20140626_141151amazing villa, my tent with the name: Stian’s Tent & Spa Hotel! To be honest…It’s gonna be great to spend a night in the tent. I paid around 3 Euros to be allowed on the location, including shower!

The buildings with the reception, the resturant and all this area was established in the 17th century. It’s been chosen as a national symbol of Estonia. After the last owner of the Saka estate, Lowis of Menar left to Germany in 1939, the manor house was mainly used for military purposes and stood in ruins for the last two decades. It’s amazing to be able to sit here and see how nicely they’ve completed the renovations.

Enjoying the evening with some good food
I’ve had some food at the restaurant and are still sitting here, writing the blogpost. Today’s menu was a fish soup as a appertizer, main course was salmon and a raspberry cake with ice cream as dessert! AMAZING!

Thank’s for following me. Hope you like the pictures and what I write. For me, it’s a great documentation to have later on, but it’s always nice to know that people are interested and that they enjoy reading the posts.

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