I’m wondering how it will be to start cycling again now? It’s dangerous to give your body an idea of how it is to relax, the idea of a normal life! I’ll see how far I can get today, my body might be tired after such a long travel from Norway as well.

20140910_110927Breakfast is served. It’s still the same breakfast at the table in Kladovo, some sausages, fried eggs, bread and no butter. I eat just enough to get started.

I’m back at my room. I’ve posted a video from my surprise visit. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.

My plan from the start was to cycle to Negotin before I surprised them home in Norway. I had a quick look at the map yesterday to see if there is any place with accommodation close to Negotin, but I couldn’t find anything. I decide to cycle to Negotin and to have a look again while eating there.

I’m on the road. It feels strange, but good in a way. I start cycling along the river and have a great view over to Romania and the 20140910_111026beach. My head is going crazy. I’m asking myself, do I feel strong? Will I be able to reach my mother in Smolyan? How will my body react to the 6 days off the bike? A lot of thoughs are going through my head, but I’m still catching kilometers.

My head calms down after about 15Km. I’m in a good flow. I’m back at where I should be, I don’t think about distance or cycling, I’m just enjoying the environment and the experience.

The road will hold me along the river all day. It’s a bit crazy to think about that Bulgaria is next to me when I’m in Negotin. I’m really getting closer, my adventure is getting closer to an end. I believe it will be a 20140910_131852really mixed feeling to cycle down to the sea side in Carevo. Anyway, there’s a few mountains ahead of me before I reach this location.

I follow a bicycle road…TRUST ME, NEVER FOLLOW A BICYCLE ROAD!!! Yes you get a great scenery, but the roads will be gravel, holes and water. They fix the holes with stones from a roof, perfect for cycling? Eeeeh no. Anyway, of course you should follow the cycling road. The scenery is worth it, and when you combine it with a good laugh because of the conditions, then…..It’s good.

At one point I was standing in the road to decide where to go. There’s a bigger road a few 100 meters from here. Should I stick to the riverside? A car stops and tells me that the road by the river is in really bad 20140910_143717condition after the bad weather last week. He says one thing he shouldn’t have….»I will tell you something. If you decide to cycle this road, I will definately drive it as well, just as support»…. There’s not a question, I want to see this!

I follow the riverside. It’s true, the road is in horrible condition. There are huge water pounds, they have tried to fix the holes with roof stones, and the trees are coming into the road.

It’s only about 18Km left to Negotin. It’s getting to late to reach 140Km which 20140910_144948would be the next place. At the moment it looks like I will stop in Negotin.

Cycling into Negotin. I quickly find a pizza restaurant. I sit down and relax. It’s time for some food and research. I can’t find any place with guaranteed accommodation. I decide to stop here.

I spend the rest of the evening outside. The temperature is nice. I’m ready for a new day tomorrow, let’s hope I can get some distance then.

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