After my 150Km ride from Imatra to Hamina, I’ve had some amazing days together with Lillian. Today Russia is waiting for me, that’s of course if they let me in. Ready or not, here I come!

IMG_1271Cycling to Hamina, days of resting and visit is waiting!
I cycled from Imatra to Hamina on Wednesday. The ride was about 150Km long, rainy, wind against, but strong legs after some days off. Now several days of rest is waiting for me in Hamina. In addition, Lillian is visiting me from Thursday to Sunday, which is really nice, I’ve looked forwards to this for a while.

The hotel in Hamina is old, but then again, quite nice. It’s in the middle of this small beautiful city! I went out to get something to eat and to have a beer during the world cup games.

After a while, I went back to the hotel and saw the rest of the game there. The girl working at the reception/bar and her friends were kind enough to come over to me and sat down to talk, finally someone who dares!

I’ve got a visitor, just have to love it!
It’s finally Thursday and Lillian comes to visit me. I meet her at the bus station. Have to say that it’s really nice to see her again, I’ve looked forward to this since she told me that she ordered the tickets.

IMG_1156We’ve spent our days walking around in this small quiet city. We know that it’s midsummer party here this weekend, and that most people celebrate this at their summer house. But we did not expect to be all alone, no matter where we walked, we were alone. It’s weird to say it, but it was perfect…The quiet life was exactly what we wanted.

Everything here in Finland is closed this Friday, a day which is quite normal in Norway. I like that they move it to the weekend and that they celebrate it, we should do this in Norway as well.

Midsummer celebrations in Tervasaari
We decided that we wanted to see the fire, and that we wanted to make our own food by the water. We shopped everything that we needed in the supermarket and relaxed a bit in the hotel before we walked out to Tervasaari.

Lillian started to cut the vegetables and meat. I prepared the primus. We had an amazing evening, sitting on a bench by the sea. Eating the food that we cooked ourself, had some beers, looking at the fire and enjoying each others company.

It was heavy rain on Saturday morning. This really have you change, we had big plans about going out to take pictures. We decided to relax a little bit and to see if the weather got better, and just as ordered… Here’s the sun!

Hamina is quite special, it’s been built in a special form, which you can also see on the map. We walked around in the city, alone, quiet and amazing. We walked out to Tervasaari again, since we wanted a beautiful place for the pictures.

IMG_1317Evening with our new Finish friends
When we’re passing the sauna on the way back, we’re stopped by some faces that we know. Jaana from the hotel and her friend Tato is sitting there. They invite us in. We spend the rest of the evening with them and their nice friends. We had a good time and lot’s of fun.

I can only use one word to describe how these days in Hamina, together with Lillian have been: PERFECT!

Sunday morning is already here. These day’s have gone so fast. We know what’s coming, I have to set the course towards Vyborg and Russia today. Lillian have a flight to catch in Helsinki.

Russia is waiting and Lillian is travelling back home to Norway
I say goodbye to my beautiful girlfriend Lillian, it’s hard to see her leave, but fortunately, it’s not a long time until next time we’ll meet. Lillian is joining me on the bicycle in Poland and Germany. And as a bonus, my friends Tom Wagtskjold and Aina Westvik will join me from Tallinn on the 30th of June.

IMG_1351I’m on the bicycle again. The boarder control is 100 meters from me, I’m waiting in the line. The weather is beautiful. Will they let me over the boarder? How is Russia? How is the traffic, is it dangerous? All these are questions that runs through my head while I’m smiling and thinking about what I’m experiencing.

The Russian boarder control was easier that I expected. Had to fill in the mandatory immigration form and show them the passport 3-4 times.

Beautiful evening in Vyborg
Russia here I come. E18 is waiting for me on the way to Vyborg. The traffic is not bad, since they have some traffic light regulations, because of some road work. However, the small traffic that is comming behind me are driving like crazy. You need to stay focused and hold your side of the road. FOCUS FOCUS, that’s everything and the only thing you need to think about.

Finally I’m off E18, I’ve arrived Vyborg, which is about 57Km from the boarder. Beautiful city by the sea. Many nice old buildings, but you can also see old destroyed buildings, contrast.

I’ve spent the evening, walking in the streets, taking pictures and eating at a resturant. I’m spending the night here and prepare myself for a couple of days with rain.

Pictures from today’s ride and this weekend:

GPS Data from today’s ride: