Heading towards Palanga in Lithuania today. It’s about 125Km without any detours. I’m ready for a new long day on the road and must say that I really look forward to meeting Neringa’s family and friends.

20140710_174909Dirty camping with lot’s of small creeps
I woke up quite early this morning, and many times during the night. Too much small creeps in this room. Luckily I managed to get some more sleep before I went for breakfast.

I’ve been behind on the blog writing, so I posted one and wrote another and scheduled it for a bit later this day. I’m finally on track again.

The bike and bag is ready and I set the course towards Lithuania and Palanga. The wind is coming from the side today, but from time to time I have it from behind.

My legs feel fine after yesterday’s long trip. I’m prepared for another today. I’ve heard about the memorial site in Liepaja, which is from the Holocaust. I’ve decided that I will go there. The sign tells me that I need to go 8,7Km in the wrong direction, but I still want to go. This is so important history.

Arriving at the Holocaust memorial
I’m arriving at the memorial site. I get a special feeling inside when I walk towards it. When reading the writings on the stones, it brings a tear to my eye.

Liepaja Memorial site:

Memorial site for victims of Nazi occupation

IMG_2089Here in the Skede dunes were murdered from 1941 to 1945:

3640 Jews, including 1048 children, 2000 Soviet prisoners of war, 1000 Latvian civilians, including people who helped Jews and prisoners, and resisted the occupiers.

«Those who save one live, save the whole world»
«Deepest respect and eternal memorial of all the courageous people – rescuers of jews»

You can see more pictures from Liepaja here, but I warn you about strong pictures and writings: Pictures

20140710_185806Continuing towards Lithuania
I continue on the road towards Lithuania. In Liepaja I meet a couple from Switzerland. They started cycling today and will go to Tallinn.

My average speed today is quite good. I’m able to do 24.5, which is good. I’ve used more time than planned today, but it’s worth it.

People driving like they need to reach a ferry
A German caravan passed me really close today and in a high speed. I was a bit angry at them and tried to show that by waiving with my hand. 3-4 Kilometers later, they have stopped for a smoke. I turned in ahead of the car and told them exactly what I thought about their driving. The woman were sorry and said she didn’t think about the wind the caravan caused and that they might hit me. I must say that when you have a bicycle on the back of your caravan, you should think a bit about others as well. I left them with a smile and wished them a nice holiday.

The next time they passed me, they waited for the traffic coming towards me before they drove to the other side of the road… Mission accomplished!

When you are coming closer to the boarders, it’s almost like people are trying to reach something. I thought about the car’s back home, that drive like crazy to reach the ferry’s. It’s the same here, they drive like crazy to reach the boarder…Which is open at all the time?

IMG_2115A huge truck is coming towards me on this small road, suddenly the truck behind him is trying to pass him. I see that there is no space available for me. I always look ahead, so that I can plan whats happening. I had to cycle down in the ditch, to make sure that he didn’t hit me. Come on, be kind!!!!

Beautiful Palanga and such friendly people!
Arriving at Palanga, I’m feeling really welcome. Neringa’s friend Tautvydas meets me and take me through the city and to the place I’m staying for the night. I’m so thankful to Neringa, her mother and her friend for doing this for me. I can’t explain how much it means to be welcomed like this, and especially while I’m on a trip like I am.

I’ve arrived at my room, here is fruits and the shower… awww, it’s amazing to have a shower after 2 days without! After about 30 IMG_2126minutes, Tautvydas takes me out for some Lithuanian food, which tasted really good! Then we walked around in Palanga. We went to a bridge going out in the sea, we saw some amazing sand sculptures and met several friendly people.

Tomorrow we will start with a breakfast in the morning and then go to the Museum. After this, I will be on the road, and I will enter Russia again.

Pictures from today’s trip:

GPS Data from today’s trip: