I woke up this morning with a feeling that this was gonna be a good day. I haven’t felt anything in my hip since yesterday morning, which is good, but I’m still afraid that this is just a fake signal. Anyway, the weather is OK and I’m ready to give it a try. Today’s goal is Suomussalmi.

20140610_125526Nice place to stay for a few days
Yesterday evening was spent in the common area at the campsite that I’ve spent the last two days. The French people running the activities at this place are really nice, even if I’m not speaking with them to much.

I woke up early for breakfast. I’m prepared and ready for a day on the bicycle around 11. I’ve dressed up in my Challenge4you jersey and wind jacket today, but I’m still using the warmer bicycle pants, because of the temperature.

Good feeling about this
The first kilometers feels really good, no indication of any pain. I’ve washed the bicycle a little bit as well, so a lot of the sounds from the gravel roads in the rain are gone.

20140610_1208448 Km is done and I start feeling something, still not painful, but really the start of something. I’m thinking that this is gonna be bad. I have to get to Suomussalmi today, where they have a pharmacy.

Aich, pain is coming back
The pain really starts at around 14Km, it’s still a long way to go. I’m sorry to say it, but at the moment my focus is not on the historical monuments that is marked on the signs, telling you to go km off the road on gravel paths. My focus is 100% on getting to Suomussalmi and to the pharmacy.

I’m holding a good speed. I have no idea how I can manage this, must be stubborn or something? Hehe, those of you that know me, will know that this is of course the answer. Trying to keep a smile on my face, a song from my voice, but the sound coming out is shaking, you can hear that something is not right.

I won’t write too much about this, everything that needs to be said is basically said about the pain.

Stopped and almost felt like I was in a trance
Had a stop around 35Km from Suomussalmi, just disconnected the trailer, sit down on the road, streching out my legs and leaning towards the trailer, while eating almost a full package of chocolate cookies. I’m sitting there with my eyes closed, just listening to the cars passing by.

20140610_190300The pain was going a little bit away after this small break, which was nice.

Finally arrived the camp site. They don’t have many ok places for a tent and to be honest, I need some food and energy to put up the tent. They offered me a cheap cabin, which I turned down, and when I changed my mind, they had already rented it out.

Anyway, I had to continue to the center of this small town, to get something for the pain and some food. I continue the next 4-5 Km’s and arrive in the center.

Get something for the pain in Suomussalmi
The pharmacy was easy to find, they had some theories about what it could be, but they wasn’t allowed to tell me, how stupid is that? I bought some Ibux to fix, what I think is sore muscles, maybe a bit innflamation.

20140610_174628I found a B&B for the night and an amazingly big and good pizza…. Awww, I’m in heaven, finally some food. I enjoy my time relaxing there for a while, before I go back to my room.

Rest, rest, rest!
Relaxing in the room for the rest of the evening must do magic! Let’s hope! I have a plan for tomorrow, let’s see if I’m able to do so.

I’m looking forward to write a positive post to you guys again, but I’ve promised myself that I will be honest…. If it is fantastic and amazing, I will tell you so. If I have some bad days, I can’t lie, this is how it is these days, it will get better!

All the best,

GPS Data from today’s stage: