I could really feel that my energy was low after yesterday’s monster stage. I woke up and just didn’t want to get out of bed. Around 12:15, I managed to get out of the room and over to the supermarket for some breakfast. This is gonna be a hard day.

After buying some food and drinks to have for breakfast and during the trip today, I started cycling. There is no energy, nothing. No matter what I ate, it’s not working.

Already after 15-20Km I started looking for a place to stay for the night. But Finland is Finland, and there is basically nothing. I continued. After about 50Km there is a sign with a bed, knife and fork. I need to have a place with food, since i haven’t bought that much.

I came up to this place and it was a note saying that I needed to call to get a room. This doesn’t look good when it comes to food. What good is a room if there is no food to get more energy out of? When the owner came, he just confirmed that… I continued.

There’s been a sign to Värtsilä all day, I’m guessing that this is the place I need to go for. Let’s just hope that this is a place with people, campings, hotels, supermarket and so on.

Finally I’m there. I stop at this small place which have the same sign as the other one. Another closed door, with a note: call us to get a room. I called again, this was an old guy, barely speaking english, but we managed to communicate in some way. I understood that a friend of him would open up to me and that they might fix some food.

His friend comes to the door after about 3-5 minutes. He doesn’t speak a word english. I walk in and sit down. He walks in to the kitchen, and I have a quick look. It looks like the dishes haven’t been done for a year. The plates, glasses and everything is going to the roof.

I quickly tried to communicate to him that I’m leaving, and so I did.

900 meters later you have Hotel Joki, which is a small cosy hotel with 7 large rooms, sauna and so on. I’m really in need of relaxing now. A nice lady opened up for me and said she would make me some lasagna and salat while I was taking a shower.

When I came for dinner, the owner was here as well, a young and friendly woman. The Lasagna and salat was amazing. Full meal, and I could almost roll out of there when I was finished.

I walked back to my room and stopped at the reception to pay. I continued speaking with the owner of the hotel for about an hour. What a positive energy and friendly person. Just after the last 2 hours, my day have gone from one of the worst in this trip, to one of the one’s that I’ll remember as a positive day.

To be honest, with the energy I had today, I didn’t take a single picture, I’ll promise you I’ll be better tomorrow!

GPS Data for today’s stage: