I woke up this morning with a good feeling. Had a quick breakfast and started preparing my bag and bike for a long day on the road towards Kuhmo, 147Km from Suomussalmi. Will I be able to reach it?

20140611_133209While preparing my bike and bag, I tried my new pump for the second time, it’s broken, really cheap quality. I cycled down to the sport shop and bought a plane, simple pump, a cheap headset and some sports drink. I’m ready to start after a quick visit at the supermarket for some food.

I can’t feel anything from the pain that I’ve had for the last days, but it’s still to early to say. I continue towards Kuhmo, knowing that it’s quite som distance to cover.

At this moment I can only say Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in happiness, don’t think we can call it a word, its basically a extremely positive feeling and reaction to what I believe will be a good day.

There’s quite a few historical memorial places today, I try to stop at them, read the text, take a picture and continue. After about 40Km I can feel some tension in the same area, so I control this by taking a ibux, which basically is my plan today if it gets painful.

Suddenly I come to this amazing «Winter War Monument». This is just something you have to see. The sign says the following:

Winter War Monument: This monument honours veterans and those who fought in the Winter War of 1939-40 or suffered as a result of it. The stones in the field represents the Finish and Soviet soldiers who died during the «Battle of Suomussalmi.»

The Central memorial extends its protective wings over the field stones. It contains 105 brass bells, one for each day of the Winter War. They ring softly in the wind and serve as a reminder of the absurdity of the war. 

IMG_0863You can see the pictures that I’ve added, it’s really an amazing place with lot’s of history. It was also possible to go out to the old boarder crossing, but since I had such a long way and was not quite sure about my legs, I didn’t want to do 18Km of dead end road today.

After a coffe break and some pictures, I am back on the road again. It’s mostly the same as always in Finland, up, down, up, down, forrest, forrest, mailbox, a water and so on. I’m getting used to it and I have a really good average speed today.

Suddenly I see a reindeer on the side of the road, he suddenly decides to run in front of me and it looks like he have problems deciding where to run, see the movie!

Reindeer can’t find his way:

20140611 145637 from Stian Torland on Vimeo.

I turn left to get to the Russian boarder crossing again. This is about 10Km detour for me today, but it is the planned route and I want to stick to it, as long as my legs feel up to it.

20140611_130820While I’m stopping for some food, it doesn’t take long before a boarder patrol car passes me, turns after 50 meters and drives back. FULL CONTROL! Probably the same as it was in Grense Jakobselv on the first day, I guess they know everything about me, what I’m eating, how often I go to the toilet, where I’m going, where I’m staying? Who knows!

I stop for a coffee by the boarder, it’s 69Km left. I just have to keep going with the same good speed.

My average speed is 24,5Km/t today, I’m almost impressed by myself. I can feel the tension a bit, but I’ve kept it under control today.

When I’m about 2 Km from Kuhmo, I arrive at what I think is the camp site. It’s been marked in the map, even have a sign on the road. When I come down, it is only a hotel there… Price, 89 Euro per night… sorry, not gonna happen.

The women in the reception tells me that I can go 10-15 Km back to find a camping… for those of you that know me, I HATE going back, so it’s not gonna happen.

I continue into the city of Kuhmo, find a small travellers home, it’s like a cheap B&B, which is great.

After a quick shower I go out to get something to eat. Or at least I thought I would!!! Everything closes at 9PM in this city with 10 IMG_0858000 people. How is it possible? Not a open gas station, pizzeria or resturant. What can I do now?

I really thought the 1 package of Real Turmat that I’ve kept for emergency situations, was gonna be used while wild camping… But Kuhmo told me otherwise, I have to eat it today. The body needs refill after such a long day.

I hope for a good day tomorrow as well. I’ve set a goal in my head and have a plan. It’s not gonna be the same distance, but it will be more than good enough.

With the schedule I’m keeping now, I will have several days of restitution in Vaalimaa, while waiting for my Visa to Russia to be active at 22th of June.

Thank’s for all the positive comments, I really appreciate them! It’s been a few really though days. I really hope that the progress on my pain will continue and that in a few days time, I can stop using ibux.

If you want to see the overview map, follow this link: Overview map (You will find this at the home page as well)


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