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We continue to Willmars and Ostheim via Point Alpha after listening to interesting stories at the camping.

It’s been a rainy night! I’ve been sleeping in the tent and listened to the sound of the rain against my tent. I’m ready for a new day on the bike. Today’s goal is Willmars, and then to a camping in Ostheim, which is 7,5Km off the route.

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Cycling towards a camping in Heringen while I’m waiting for my visitors

What a surprise! I’m getting visitors again. My brother Morten and his girlfriend Kathrine is joining me for some days!

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Lübeck here we come! My bicycle is ready for maintenance and we’re ready to enjoy a day off!

The sun is shining and we are heading to Lübeck, which basically have been Lillian’s goal with the trip. We’re ready for a new day on the road and then my bike will get some maintenance and we’ll relax for a day.

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Cycling in the rain from Rerik to Boltenhagen

It’s raining!!! It’s an amazing feeling to stay inside the tent and listen to the rain. But when you realize that you need to wake up and start packing the completely wet tent…Then you can start to reconsider! We’re trying to get as close as possible to Lübeck today, which means that we have no spesific goal

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