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Heading for Gdansk, just 220Km and 3 countries keeps me apart from this beautiful city and my girlfriend!

It’s finally Saturday. It’s the day when I’ll meet my fantastic girlfriend again! The only thing keeping her from me now is about 220Km through 3 countries and heavy rain.

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Beautiful views on the coast by the Gulf of Finland

Prepared or not, it’s a new day on the bicycle, and I have to get some kilometers today…Let’s just hope the body responds to what I want. I’ve had a painful day in bed after some bad food.

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Sabotage or just a result of horrible Russian roads?

I’m ready for a new day after spending a evening in this exciting big city, that’s of course if I’m able to get out? I’m planning for a good day on the road.

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Back on the bicycle, Russia, it’s finally your turn for a visit!

After my 150Km ride from Imatra to Hamina, I’ve had some amazing days together with Lillian. Today Russia is waiting for me, that’s of course if they let me in. Ready or not, here I come!

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Sorry Russia, it’s not your time for a visit today! Close but still so far away!

I’m ready for a good ride after a night in the tent at the camp site in Lieksa. I’ve planned to reach Ilomantsi today, which is about 130Km.. or at least I thought so!?

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147Km goal towards Kuhmo today, will I make it?

I woke up this morning with a good feeling. Had a quick breakfast and started preparing my bag and bike for a long day on the road towards Kuhmo, 147Km from Suomussalmi. Will I be able to reach it?

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