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Flat tire is always a perfect start of a long day!

I had a nice evening in Negotin. I spent my evening at the restaurant and had a skype conversation with my beautiful Lillian and my family. I’m preparing myself for a day with a small taste of the climbs that will come.

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Back to reality, cycling from Kladovo to Negotin!

I’m wondering how it will be to start cycling again now? It’s dangerous to give your body an idea of how it is to relax, the idea of a normal life! I’ll see how far I can get today, my body might be tired after such a long travel from Norway as well.

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Should I really miss my mothers 50th birthday, or should we give her a surprise visit?

I’ve celebrated my 30th birthday on this trip, now it’s my mothers turn to celebrate her 50th birthday…How much will I have to miss while I’m cycling around in Europe. I have to do something about this! What about a surprise visit? Read a bit more here, but most important, the video will explain it all! 🙂

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