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We continue to Willmars and Ostheim via Point Alpha after listening to interesting stories at the camping.

It’s been a rainy night! I’ve been sleeping in the tent and listened to the sound of the rain against my tent. I’m ready for a new day on the bike. Today’s goal is Willmars, and then to a camping in Ostheim, which is 7,5Km off the route.

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Enjoying the day’s on the coast of Poland

We’re ready for a new day on the road. To be honest, we’re ready to get away from this camping, ready to find a new camping with nice and friendly people in a nice area. Darlowo here we come!

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Cycling towards Ustka. It’s just because we are who we are, that this is still a good day!

Our plan today is to reach Ustka. We know that we have quite a few kilometers through challenging woods, but we’re up to it!

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Paris-Roubaix or Tour de sandy woods, let’s cycle them both!

We decided to have a day off in Wladyslawowo. We were relaxing at the beautiful camp site and on the beach…Perfect! Tomorrow we’ll head for a tourist magnet called Leba!

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A nice day on the bike! Staying the night at a small place called Savukoski

Day 6 – I’m prepared for a long day on the bicycle, I’ve seen the elevation chart and it will be up and down today. Had a nice evening in Sodankyla and made sure that my to English friends wasn’t able to leave the place today!

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Restitution day, only 43Km to a camping a few km from Ivalo

Day 3: It’s important with some restitution on a trip like this. I had an extreme day yesterday, so i felt I deserved a shorter day today. I met a cyclist on a long trip from France today.

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