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Cycling through rivers in the road and water pounds half way up to my knees on the way to «The Iron Gate» and Kladovo

I woke up in Donji Milanovac, knowing that it will be a long day with extreme amounts of rain. I’m using the morning to listen to good music and to have a good breakfast while I’m building up my adrenalin. I’m ready, I’m basically just laughing because of the amounts of rain.

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Slovenia here I come! I’m ready for a new country on my way towards the black sea!

I had an relaxing evening and are ready for a day on the bike. I’m prepared for rain today, but hope to get as far as possible before it starts.

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Crossing the boarder between Austria and Hungary 5 times on my way to Koszeg

I’m ready for a new day on the road. I’m in Austria today and will cross the boarder to Hungary several times during todays ride. My goal for today is Koszeg, but something is telling me that this might be a bit hard…Time will tell!

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Cycling from West Germany to East…The difference hit me in the face, HUGE!

This morning I woke up to the sound of the rain hitting my tent. It’s my second day on the bike alone. I will cross over to east Germany and cycle on the boarder itself.

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Back on the bicycle, Russia, it’s finally your turn for a visit!

After my 150Km ride from Imatra to Hamina, I’ve had some amazing days together with Lillian. Today Russia is waiting for me, that’s of course if they let me in. Ready or not, here I come!

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147Km goal towards Kuhmo today, will I make it?

I woke up this morning with a good feeling. Had a quick breakfast and started preparing my bag and bike for a long day on the road towards Kuhmo, 147Km from Suomussalmi. Will I be able to reach it?

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