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What a day! Invited to a vineyard for a glass and some food on my way to Szentgotthard!

I’m excited to see what experiences that will come from this day. I’m ready to cycle again, but will be a bit kind with myself today and have set a goal around 75Km from Koszeg.

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Crossing the boarder between Austria and Hungary 5 times on my way to Koszeg

I’m ready for a new day on the road. I’m in Austria today and will cross the boarder to Hungary several times during todays ride. My goal for today is Koszeg, but something is telling me that this might be a bit hard…Time will tell!

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Fantastic day on the bike from Austria, through Slovakia and back to Austria

I’m motivated for a long day towards the Hungarian boarder. If everything goes according to my plan, I will cycle from Austria, through Slovakia and back to Austria again. 

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The weather change hit me hard, thunderstorms and a sky full of lightning hitting the ground

Knowing that you’ll have a day in flat terrain is a good feeling. I’ve got a crazy thought about cycling to Bratislava today, but it might be to far…Time will tell!

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What’s happening? Staying in 1 country for a whole day, that’s something new!

Ready for a new day on the bike? Time will tell! I have really used my legs in the mountains the last days. Anyway, the breakfast here in Lipno should give me the best start possible….WHAT A BREAKFAST!

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You need some climbing to get at great view….I’ve got a great view!

It’s time for my last day in Germany, my first in Austria and then a new visit in Czech Republic. I’m ready for a new day on the road and are prepared for some more climbing.

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