Finito finale!!!! Mom, can you see the waves? What waves? The waves from the black sea! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!

Waking up this day knowing that it’s my last day, it’s my last day after 4 months on the bicycle, how crazy is that? How will I react when I’m at the sea side in Tsarevo? Will I be calm? Will I realize what I’ve completed? I guess not! (Les mer…)

Tea break at the police station and crossing the boarder to Bulgaria again after having a police escort!

What a day yesterday, how will my mother react today? I’m hoping that she’s got full batteries and that she’s prepared to cycle 75Km and to cross the boarder to Bulgaria. I’m ready! (Les mer…)

Roughest and most emotional 100Km ever!

Waking up here in Edirne after two amazing restitution days. We’ve spent them just as you should. We’re trying to motivate us for the longest distance for my mother. Our goal is 100Km to Kirklareli. (Les mer…)

I’m glad pictures and movies can help when words can’t describe such a fantastic day!

We’re ready for some boarder crossings again. Imagine that, I’ll cycle into country nr 19 and 20 out of 20 of my trip today. The only thing remaining after todays ride is some kilometers in Turkey and Bulgaria. We are ready for some restitution days in Edirne. (Les mer…)

We’re ready for a night at Light Castle Vineyard! There’s just another day with climbs and flies standing in our way!

We’re ready for a night at a vineyard. Imagine that, we’re gonna sleep there and drink their homemade wine. I’m so excited. What If I’ll be disappointed, what if this is just a….Nothing? It’s about time to start cycling from this small town we are situated in now, in the middle of nowhere. Or in other words, situated in a beautiful small hotel in the middle of containers, trash, buildings almost falling a part and fields filled with garbage (Les mer…)

Climbing our way closer to the boarder to Greece and Turkey

What a nice evening we’ve had here at the Makaza Complex, just outside Momchilgrad. Friendly people, good company by my mom and a nice skype conversations with our family home. It’s early morning and we’re ready for breakfast. Todays plan is a short day towards Krumovgrad. (Les mer…)

Fantastic day on the bike in beautiful weather

We woke up in Zlatograd around 9:10. The alarm didn’t go off and we were a bit shocked since we planned to wake up earlier. Our plan today is to cycle about 90Km and are prepared for that. Sun is shining and life is good, what a morning! (Les mer…)

What an amazing start of my mothers adventure on the road towards the Black Sea

We’re ready for my moms first day. She’s really excited. Our plan today is to cycle 55Km from Smolyan to Zlatograd. How will she react to the bulgarian traffic, and how will it be for her to cycle with the trailer? (Les mer…)

Cycling towards Smolyan where I’ll meet my mother. She’s joining me for the last part of my adventure!

Finally the day is here, I’m gonna cycle to Smolyan to meet my mother. She’s ready to cycle with me to the sea side of Bulgaria. I just have to climb a few mountains first, I’m climbing my way up to 1700 meters above sea level today. (Les mer…)

Mountains, mountains and you know what??? A bit more mountains towards Dospat

Will I be able to cycle from Petrich to Dospat in one day? 120Km and close to 3000 meters of climb according to the side «Ride with GPS». I’m hoping for good weather and that my motivation will last all day. Let’s go! (Les mer…)